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Afghans support republic system


A recent survey has found that the majority of Afghans are optimistic about peace talks and believe that such negotiations can bring an end to the 19-year-old war. The Institute of War and Peace Studies, in cooperation with the American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) released findings of a study this week ‘The Afghan People’s Peace Perception Survey’ which aims to “bring forth perspectives of Afghans, and inform policy and decision-makers of their concerns.”

According to the survey, 85.6 percent of respondents are optimistic about the ongoing peace talks – the majority of the Afghan populace believes that peace talks can bring an end to the on-going war. However, 69 percent of respondents prefer the Islamic Republic to maintain sustainable peace, while only seven percent would rather have an Islamic Emirate.

A majority of 67.8 percent of respondents trusted the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, stating that their security is maintained by government, while 68.4 percent of the respondents said they turn to government to resolve their disputes.

The survey clearly shows that majority of Afghans favoring Islamic Republic, since the system has provided them equality, justice, freedom and opportunity to raise their voices and participate in democratic processes to elect their own leaders and representatives. However, Taliban’s emirates are no longer accepted by common masses and the group has been hated more than ever due to their increasing acts of violence and targeting of the innocent people across the country.

Indeed, republic system means progress and development, as it believes to modernization, reconstruction as well as republicans are civilized people, they are responsible for the stable and prosperous Afghanistan. They can transfer this country from a traditional society to industrial one.  Industrialism is a way of life that includes thoughtful economic, social, political, and cultural changes. But Taliban’s emirate system is a failed structure; its values are utterly opposite of civilization and its supporters are not modern thinkers – they are backward and peripheral groups of the country.

Republic system is committed for economic growth, implement the project connected to society’s well-being. If republic system rule in Afghanistan, development would come as a natural consequence of its values. Therefore, it worth to sacrifice ourselves for protecting republic system in Afghanistan and that’s what Afghan forces doing in war on terror and against Taliban and their ideologies.

The Afghan’s citizen men and women have a historical responsibility. They have demonstrated their hate nesses against Emirate system and backing the government for keeping the achievements of the last two decades. The Afghan people and forces have continued to give sacrifices only to safeguard the republic and the freedom in the country.

The Afghan government has unconditionally offered peace talks with Taliban and even has released more than five thousands of the insurgents in a bid to secure lasting peace in the war-torn country, but Taliban continued to make excuses to delay the talks and force the government, Afghan people and the international community to accept their ideologies and systems.

But the group should know that Afghans would continue to bear the brunt of their imposed war and violence, but would never bow to their demands and would never accept their systems.

Freedom is the basic principle of republican system, therefore everyone is required to protect such values, so that to provide a safe and sound environment in Afghanistan.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.