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Afghans strongly support republic system


Amid optimism for a potential peace deal with Taliban, Afghans believe that an Islamic emirate will not be a responsive system for Afghanistan, which according them has seen a major change – compared to the Taliban era back in 1996-2001. 
Meanwhile, the United States Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad in an interview with Tolo News Channel here on Monday night said the US and the Taliban had reached an agreement in principle and the insurgent group after the deal would fight only against rebels who threaten America and its allies’ security.
He also stressed on intra-Afghan talks but said the Taliban Emirate’s return with force was not acceptable. “If someone’s ideas are tried to be endorsed by force on others, the result will be war,” he said.
According to Khalilzad, the agreement was also shared with the Afghan officials but was not handed over to them as it was yet to be checked by the US president, Donald Trump who would probably make changes in it.
Intra-Afghan talks would start soon after the US and Taliban agreement, he said, adding Norway had enough experience in peacemaking and the intra-Afghan talks would probably in Norway.
Afghans fear that return of the “Islamic Emirate” after peace agreement between the Taliban and their Afghan and US interlocutors will put the democratic achievements, including human rights, at stake. However the Afghan government and its allies have time and again stated that Afghanistan would never go back to emirate era. 
In addition to supporting Islamic tenets, Afghan Constitution adheres to democratic principles and officially recognizes the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Charter. Constitutionally, men and women are equal before the law and neither should be discriminated on the basis of their gender. Unlike some Islamic countries, Afghan women are allowed to run for presidency and be judges. In the post-Taliban administration, Afghan women made great strides and hold high political positions, including ministers, ambassadors, governors, MPs, etc. 
Afghans seek to exercise their rights and freedoms, which are neither against constitution nor against Islamic tenets. Both men and women should be able to play their social and political role so that the country could make progress. That is to say, women’s active role in social and political arenas will contribute to the country’s development. 
The redlines of the peace talks have already been identified in government’s road map and it can ensure the amendment of the Afghan constitution according to the legal framework identified in the constitution, preserve the 18-year democratic achievements, and ensure the basic rights of Afghan citizens.
Although the Taliban have claimed that their ideology is moderated and they would not enter Afghanistan with the past radical worldview, it has not been proved yet. The Taliban still continue their harsh approach in areas under their domination. So, mistrust lingers, and Afghans are fearful of the Islamic Emirate and never willing to return to those dark eras. Afghan people and government are determined to safeguard the current republic system, which allow everyone to decide about their future and choose their leaders based on democratic processes, which is election.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.