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Afghans still bear brunt of war

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Afghan masses suffered severely in the wake of political upheavals throughout the history and paid heavy sacrifices for democratic principles in the last four decades. Political instability and civil unrest took their toll on people’s life, freedoms, and dignity to a large extent.
Recently, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) says the ongoing fighting in Helmand province over the past four days has left 35,000 people homeless.
According to UNAMA thousands of people have been displaced in Helmand over the past four days due to ongoing fighting between Afghan security forces and the Taliban, which could lead to a major crisis. UNAMA Tweeted Tuesday, calling on Afghan forces and the Taliban to take practical steps to protect civilians.
The mission’s statement comes at a time, when fighting broke out between Afghan security forces and the Taliban in various parts of the Helmand province on Sunday, with reports of fighting still circulating in some areas.
Among other tragic incidents in the country, a shocking news emerged when Taliban’s bullet killed an unborn baby. The pregnant woman was shot during Helmand clashes, but the mother survived, however her unborn baby was killed.
Indeed, the pain and anguish of Afghan people within the last four decades of conflict and civil war is indescribable. The natural and inherent rights and freedoms of individuals were violated flagrantly.
Witnessing some relative freedoms in the post-Taliban Afghanistan, Afghan people were hoping to live a peaceful life and be able to exercise their rights and freedoms under a nascent democratic administration, but the Taliban insurgents resumed their violent and destructive acts and targeted Afghan masses in every corner of the country.
As peace efforts intensified in recent months and the Afghan and Taliban peace delegations are in Doha for the intra-Afghan talks, but the public atmosphere is still filled with fear since the Taliban and other militant groups continue spilling the blood of Afghan combatants and non-combatants, including women and children.
Taliban, IS militants and other militants carrying out indiscriminate attacks against Afghan nation. Afghans’ immense sacrifices for a peaceful community has not yet borne the desired result. Terrorists and extremists still find democratic principles against their radical ideology and, ironically, shed the blood of people to sell their harsh mindset and trade on religious issues.
Targeting civilians is a war crime and has no rational or religious justification. Such acts simply unfold the brutality and irrationality of the militant fighters. It further indicates that those militant groups, which claim to fight for religion, lack the very basic knowledge of religion.
The surge in militancy shows the Taliban are still playing a foul game as they, on the one hand, negotiate for peace and, on the other hand, intensify their attacks.

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