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Afghans single call for peace, ceasefire in Loya Jirga

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The consultative peace Jirga concluded in Kabul on Friday with participation of 3200 delegates from across the country. The delegates issuing a 23-article declaration calling on government and Taliban to immediately declare a ceasefire.
Emphasizing that the Afghans are committed to bring peace to Afghanistan, the delegates of the Jirga called on Taliban to stop violence, embrace peace and participate in the development of the country.
Preserving the Islamic Republic system and the Afghan constitution, rights of all Afghans including women, a strong National Defense and Security Forces, opening of the Taliban political office in Afghanistan, timeline for a responsible withdrawal of the foreign forces, and launch of a unified and inclusive peace talks were among the other key issues included in the resolution of the Peace Jirga delegates.
The delegates also called for practical steps for the exchange of prisoners to establish an environment of trust. Emphasizing on Afghan-led peace process, the resolution further states that the international community must coordinate its peace efforts with the Afghan government.
The formation of an inclusive negotiating team and reforms in the structure and activities of Afghan High Peace Council have also been proposed in the resolution of Peace Jirga delegates.
Meanwhile, addressing the concluding ceremony of the Consultative Loya Jirga in Kabul which lasted four days, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani announced the release of 175 Taliban prisoners as an apparent gesture of goodwill towards peace process.
The president also called on Taliban to prepare for peace talks inside Afghanistan as he welcomed the resolution adopted by the delegates of the Jirga, vowing that the government will take steps to implement the demand of the participants of the gathering for a ceasefire.
Peace will come to fruition in Afghanistan if the effective factors are committed to their human responsibilities. It is an unmistakable fact that there will be no peace unless the lofty ambition for peace and its fruit are pursued persistently. Therefore, the real perspectives on effective factors and elements of peace need to be evaluated to gain an outlook for peace.
The anti-government armed militants, which are counted the main issue for war and peace across the country, are the deciding factor in making peace. In addition to having destructive power, the Taliban and their ilk own considerable social, religious and ethnic bases in the country which have created the core of war and peace in Afghanistan. Hence, reading and evaluating peace in the minds and deeds of such groups will be the basic needs for creating peace in the country. This will further unravel the grounds and tactic for peace and enlighten the outlook for peace and stability in the country.
The hope for peace will be met if the group accept Afghans call for peace and ceasefire once again made in the Consultative Loya Jirga. The peace roadmap has been made and the Taliban and their supporters need to pursue peace and stability with genuine intention. Otherwise, the same trend will continue unabated.
Taliban should closely work with the government to make a discernible change in the lives of all Afghans by reaching to a sustainable peace, so they feel the upward lift of economic and social progress.

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