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Afghans ready to vote on Saturday presidential election despite threats


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KABUL: Afghanistan’s twice-delayed presidential election is expected to go ahead on Saturday, after months of uncertainty in which U.S. diplomats sought to hammer out a pact with Taliban militants to put an end to the ongoing conflicts.
Here are the comments of some voters on their hopes for the election and its outcome for the war-torn country:
Mustafa Yunussi, 20, student of Peshgam university: “I can’t wait to vote on Saturday as this is the first time that I will select my president. I will vote with confidence to help my country get ride of the ongoing chaos.”
Asghar Mehrzada, 21, founder of Drop and Ride, Afghanistan’s first freestyle cycling club: “I hope that it will be a transparent election and the new president can get our country out of the current crisis so we can achieve peace and stability.”
Mohammad Ashraf, blacksmith: “I’ve been a blacksmith for 20 years and we want to have a good election. I call on all people to vote for a good and righteous person as the next president.” Sayed Noman, 25, shopkeeper: “We are concerned about how the election will be held because most of the areas are under the control of the Taliban, and the election will not be held in those areas. That’s why we’re worried fake votes will be used there.” Zainab, 40, baker: “I want a good person to win the upcoming election, a person who can create job opportunities and bring security to the country. We don’t ask to receive any food, as God is the best provider.”
Mohammad Rafi Sultani, 20, a member of the Kabul Skate rollerblading team: “We must all go to the polls and vote to elect the next president. We want to have a good president in the future, so that he can serve all the people, especially the athletes.” Wali Ahmadzai, 40, head of a marble factory: “We hope that a good person will be elected as the next president. All our compatriots are happy that the election will take place.” Pashtana Durrani, 21, university student, social and political activist: “I’m very hopeful for the upcoming elections, because this will be my first time to vote for the candidate as a democratic citizen in Afghanistan, and also exercise and practice my right.”

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