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Afghans pin hope on Special Forces to crack down terrorists, illegal armed men


The Afghanistan National Unity Government’s main goal is for an Afghan-developed and led approach to continue to build increasingly effective, affordable and sustainable Afghan security forces. This Roadmap – an initiative led by President Ghani – sets out the way ahead for the reform and further professionalization of the ANDSF including addressing leadership challenges through merit-based promotions and assignments; countering corruption; expanding the Afghan Air Force and major upgrades to equipment; and, increasing fighting capability by doubling the size of the Afghan Special Security Forces (ASSF).
The Special Operations Corps continues to prove in combat that they are the most capable in the Afghan military by conducting the majority of the army’s offensive operations and being assigned to the most difficult missions, including arrest of the warlords and those individuals accused of robbery, human right violations and kidnapping of the innocent civilians.
In a recent move, the Afghan Special Forces have arrested a prominent commander of Junbish Milli, Commander Nizamuddin Qaisari. Qaisari is close aide of Vice President General Rashid Dostum and was arrested following a scuffle in a military compound on Monday evening.
During the clash, at least four security guards of commander Qaisari were killed and at least four others were wounded. The commander is accused on alleged human right violations in Faryab.
Meanwhile, Rahimullah, a brother of former Uruzgan police chief Matiullah Khan, has been arrested and disarmed by Special forces as part of a crackdown on illegal gunmen.
Maj. Gen. Imam Nazar Bahbood, 205th Atal Corps commander, has ordered strict action against unauthorized armed men and powerful individuals. He said some powerful individual possessed 410 weapons — property of the police force — and threatened the masses with these arms.
In line with President Ashraf Ghani’s orders, the Special Forces arrested Rahimullah, who recently clashed with intelligence personnel in Tirinkot, the provincial capital.
The Afghan Special Forces is active across Afghanistan. They serve Afghanistan’s interests in  counterterrorism raids including against high-value individuals, high-risk raids, counterattacks, crisis response, disrupting insurgent and drug smuggling networks, and deterring high-profile attacks.
Afghanistan’s elite forces make up 10 percent of Afghanistan’s 322,000 soldiers, but the corps conducts 80 percent of offensive operations against the insurgent groups. They are the best-equipped troops with air support.
Last year, Islamic terrorist fighters entered the Military Hospital in the capital Kabul. For hours, the insurgents fought Afghan forces, until the Afghan Special Forces landed from the air on the top of the hospital and eliminated the threat within an hour. 
Afghanistan needs more and more Special Forces to stand up against the ruthless and heartless insurgents, illegal armed men that have nothing to offer for Afghans, but who only bring suffering and pain to innocent Afghans. In contrast, with more Special Forces in Afghanistan, it is more likely the country will be safe. And Afghans will live in peace.  

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.