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Afghans never bow to terrorist activities being controlled out of borders

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By: The Kabul Times

Following a series of heinous terrorist incidents, in the country’s eastern Nangarhar province, as many as 62 people were killed and some 60 others were wounded inside a mosque during Friday prayer event.
The incident, according to media has happened in an area named Jaw Dara of Haska Mina district of the province, where hundreds of worshipers attended the Friday prayer in a congregational mosque, when two consecutive blasts blew up the holy place.
Over 60 worshipers have been confirmed dead and nearly 60 others wounded, following the brutal incidents, a reliable source from the provincial governor confirmed.
The bombs were placed inside the mosque and detonated when the people were busy in their prayers of Friday.
The death toll may have raised because of critical condition of the injured people, as the mosque was packed with so many people, when the terrorist incident took place.
The coward and scandalous attack was widely condemned nationally and internationally the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan condemned in the strongest term the fierce attack in which only innocents who were praying for welfare and security of their country, during the Juma prayer ceremony, have been killed or injured.
There were no foreign troops and no government officials to have been the main terrorist target.
All the people of Afghanistan joined the country’s government to denounce the attack and blamed the terrorist groups for contenting to target civilians.
Also, the United Nations, Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates have denounced the deadly attack on the mosque, an act showing the fierce, brutal, wildness and violent act of the so-called Islamic fighters.
The tragedy set nearly all families of the Haska Mina district at the mourning of their loved ones.
This is not only the ill-fated Haska Mina district’s people who are now in anguish of their family members’ death in the tragic incident, the whole Afghans have tolerated similar vicious terrorist events, either in the mosques, workplace or on the way.
Undeniably, terrorist groups are behind the incident. However, the Taliban denied their involvement.
This is not only the condemnable act that claimed civilians lives, earlier in the province, scores of people, mostly young educated individuals have been killed and many others wounded following similar incidents committed by those claim they have done them for the holy Islam.
The holy Islam is higher and more sacred than these offenders and criminals’ commits.
Such criminal acts should be lodged in the list of crimes against human and the culprits should be blacklisted as the war criminals. Also, the entire parts in the country’s eastern zones should be cleared of insurgents and those in contribution to the entire terrorists’ groups, as this is a fact that they have safe havens outside the country’s borders and their attacks are controlled out of the country.
The Taliban, if not behind the terrible incident should separate themselves from other terrorists, join the government lead peace process and take part in fight against the enemy of the people and the development of the country.
We the Afghans never want to bow to any of the ongoing terrorist activities either from malicious circles inside the country or other enmity from beyond the border.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.