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Afghans insisting ceasefire & durable peace

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More than 3,000 representatives of people at the five-day Peace Consultative Jirga in Kabul have asked the warring sides to stop the ongoing war and reach agreement on a ceasefire during the Holy Month of Ramadan. Afghanistan government has shown readiness and said it will seriously implement the people’s demand for ceasefire if the Taliban respect it. But, the Taliban group ruled out the demand, instead they intensified violence in various parts of the country. President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani had declared that he was ready to accept the people’s demand for ceasefire if it was mutual. Last year, a historic and temporary ceasefire was executed between the government of Afghanistan and the Taliban group. But, now there is a principal question what the Taliban respond is in connection with the ceasefire.
One of the key demands of the Taliban group is the hasty US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, but Peace Consultative Jirga suggested that the process should be slow and be based on situation of Afghanistan. Taliban has now focused on talks with US and it seems that the group won’t accept the resolution issued by Peace Consultative Jirga that has insisted on protection of human and women rights. Meanwhile, Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) has expressed its serious concern over continuation of the ongoing war and violence the victim of which is only Afghans and innocent people. “Afghanistan is on the threshold of 41th year of war and it’s the innocent people who have experienced killing, destruction, displacement and poverty since the starting of the war in the country,” Sima Samar, head of AIHRC said, adding that hundreds thousands of Afghans have been forced to leave their home villages due to continued war. Increasing war in Afghanistan has deprived most people from their principal rights as most schools in remote areas of the country have been destructed and kept locked for years. The continued war has put negative impacts on education system and schools as three million children mostly girls are deprived from education. Women have suffered increasing deprivation in the country due to the war.
Aziz Ahmad Tasal, head of an advocacy group for protection of civilians has expressed his conceren over continuation of war in the country, adding that a way should be paved for a ceasefire between the warring sides. “Taliban have told their fighters to intensify their attacks during the Holy Month of Ramadan to get more reward,” Tasal said, saying that during all clashes and violences, innocent civilians are killed and wounded. Kabul residents have also asked all parties to the conflict to stop the ongoing war and agree on a ceasefire and peace in the country so that the people can worship in a peaceful environment during the Holy Month of Ramadan, but due to continuous demands for maintaining ceasefire in Afghanistan, violence and clashes have unfortunately intensified in various parts of the country. A number of ulamas have also insisted on stopping the ongoing war and asked for ceasefire in the country, saying that Taliban should say “yes” to the demands of the government and people asking for ceasefire in the country.
The demands for peace and ceasefire in the country come amid increasing of violence in the country as Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) have recently repulsed dozens of attacks of armed Taliban across the country. Today, ANDSF have full capability to bravely defend their country and people.
Lailuma Noori

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