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Afghans have no problem with US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, President Ghani

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By: Suraya Raiszada

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in his recent remarks said that the people of Afghanistan have no problem with US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan.
“The issue of US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan should be discussed with Afghanistan government not with the Taliban group as it will mean the start of new series of violence in Afghanistan if this discussed with the Taliban group, but if this discussed with Afghanistan government, it can be manageable,” President Ghani said.
The country’s President stressed that the people of Afghanistan wanted the ongoing war and violence to be ended and reduction of violence in the country would give no results at all, adding that Afghans wanted peace with protection of the 18-year achievements.
This comes after former US national security advisor said US would withdraw its troops from Afghanistan even if the US and Taliban fail to sign the peace deal, but praising the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces for their capabilities in fighting terrorism in the country.
Considering the ANDSF’s combat capabilities as unprecedented, the US official had said US would soon decide on its stance in this regard.
As peace talks are ongoing between US delegates led by Zalmay Khalilzad and representatives of the Taliban group, the issue of US troop withdrawal has changed to the most debatable issues for starting the intra-Afghan dialogue.
Officials for the ministry of national defense say the people should not concern about possible US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan as US and its allies have not come to stay in Afghanistan forever.
“Afghanistan has strategic agreements with the US and the country has changed to a strategic partner for Afghanistan,” said Asadullah Khalid, acting minister of defense.
According to acting minister of defense, Afghanistan belongs to ANDSF and its people; therefore, the people should not concern over US troops withdrawal from Afghanistan as the country has one of the most well-equipped special forces in framework of ANDSF to protect the people and country.
Meanwhile, a number of Afghanistan military experts by expressing concern over possible US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan say in consideration to sensitivities in the region presence of US troop is a serious need for Afghanistan.
“If US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan happens gradually, it won’t have any impact on security situation of Afghanistan, but if it happens rapidly and quickly, terrorist groups and their regional supporters will deteriorate the situation and intensify their attacks on ANDSF,” said Yarmand, a former military official.
He added that US should take all regional sensitivities as serious and make effort not to let Afghanistan change once again to safe havens for terrorist groups, stressing that it was necessary that US and its allies should have presence in Afghanistan to root out terrorist groups and maintain stability in the country as terrorist groups still common threat to both countries.
Afghan political and military experts stress that any policy that can consolidate Afghanistan relations with the international community should be exercised so that they can have political and military presence in Afghanistan.
Previously, US President Donald Trump had ordered withdrawal of 7,000 troops from Afghanistan, which had raised increasing concerns in national and international level.

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