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Afghans facing numerous challenges as clashes, drought intensify

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Growing clashes added to severe drought and cold weather to create challenges for people, particularly those displaced families, all over the country.
Thousands of households, mostly in the north and southern provinces of the country are facing severe conditions, as conflicts have intensified and tough drought has arrived.
Only in one of the northern provinces over 1,500 families have been reportedly forced by heavy conflicts to leave their homes and seek asylums in other areas.
Also in the south, people, including women and children are facing serious condition; from ongoing conflicts, droughts and cold weather. They are now in dire need of assistances.
National and international organizations have expressed grave concern over the recent reports about the negative congruence of heavy fighting and critical drought in the country and warned Afghanistan may face human tragedy if the problems were not prevented.
In northern Takhar province, people were forced to evacuate their homes and displaced to the provincial capital, where they live under tent or open atmosphere.
Their children are suffering illness. However, the government had provided them with some edible aids, including clothing, flour, rice and cooking oil.
So, they are in dire need of assistances and not only the government, but the country’s national traders should pay attention to their condition as the government can not only solve all problems of people countrywide.
As seen, during the parliamentary election, most of runners spent tens of thousands of dollars and they have the capability and capacity of supporting their compatriots, particularly those of drought and war affected families.
The international aid organizations, should also provide aids and the local governments agencies should distribute them transparently among the war and drought victims, as in the past several years of aid distribution process, aids packages have not been spent fairly.
Those teams appointed by the central government or other local offices, have not used the aids transparently among the needy people.
This shouldn’t be repeated and the doubtful individuals shouldn’t be retested as the aid distributing teammate.
The government armed oppositions shouldn’t also prevent the aids process to reach the needy people and that they should first stop the meaningless war in the areas under their control and second they should cooperate with the aid team to reach the deserved families, as the time is nearly over and the cold season has now arrived.
Their children would face further intolerable problems, even feared to lose their lives, if they create intensify war or prevent aids agency reach deserved families.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.