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Afghans eying peaceful Eid days

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On Sunday August 11th, 2019, Eid al-Adha will be celebrated all over Afghanistan and throughout the Muslim world with full religious and cultural zeal. The message of such Islamic events is peace, reconciliation, brotherhood and elimination of hatred.
These are what Afghanistan needs the most as Afghans have been suffering the worst consequences of war and conflict in the last four decades. Eid al-Adha and other Islamic events have great significance for Afghanistan where more than 99 percent of the country stands to be Muslims.
Meanwhile, the insurgents, mainly Taliban group has left no stone unturned to turn every event of happiness into a bloody one. The Taliban continued their activities and launched a number of attacks in different parts of the country to turn peaceful environment of the Afghans into tragedy.
A car bomb exploded yesterday outside a police station in the capital, Kabul, wounding at least 95 people, including women and children. The Taliban militants claimed responsibility for what it said was a suicide attack.
There has been no let-up in violence in the country, despite the Taliban and the US appearing to be close to reaching a historic pact for American troops to withdraw, in exchange for a Taliban pledge the country would not be used as a base from which to plot terrorist attacks.
Behind the cheerful facades, our people live with sadness and tragedy in their hearts. To our unmitigated chagrin, our compatriots fell victim of a terrorist acts every day. The hapless family members of the victims were stricken by deep grief at the tragic death of their dear ones. Moreover, the incident also touched all their compatriots and embittered them deeply.
Celebrating advent of the Eid with the red color of human blood is the saddest story ever for Afghans. Blood oozing from the wounds of innocent civilians in a will move all human beings to the verge of tears, except those who are alienated from human feelings.
Taliban has spared no efforts to disturb the peaceful environment and they see their success in martyring women and children. Taliban proudly claiming those incidents which martyring the civilians, as they don’t have any capacity and moral to directly fight with the Afghan forces.
Indeed, the real and meaningful Eid for Afghan people is the day when everyone can breathe a sigh of relief in a democratic and secure environment. Likewise, happiness will be meaningful for the people when the breadwinners are not worried about a morsel of food and when people are no more fearful of having their earnings snatched by the insurgents.
Afghan men and women pray for having a society where life and liberties are valued, and no blood is shed, or tears are flowed. An end for the outpouring of grief which results from bloody incidents and atrocious acts is the desire of Afghan nation.

Despite of ongoing peace efforts, there is only little room left for Afghans’ dream for a peaceful society. Since Eid is the occasion of happiness, peace and solidarity, the Taliban is required to shun violence on this occasion and reach an agreement which result to lasting peace in the country.
Similar to all nations, Afghans also nurture an ambition for having a peaceful and democratic state. Their dream is to exercise their rights in a civil society void of war and violence.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.