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Afghans eyeing committed, accountable upcoming parliament


Last Saturday, the Electoral Complaints Independent Commission with releasing of a report proclaimed that based on item 2nd of 44th elections law, it formed a special commission under the title of “Evaluating Commission” on the cases of individuals have membership or command of illegal armed groupings and are candidates.

Based on the report of electoral complaint independent commission, the ministries of national defence, interior and national security general directorate and local organs independent authority are members of this commission.

The report of electoral complaint independent commission says that those individuals have physical presence and be involved in expansion of insecurities, committing of organized crimes, smuggling of narcotics, usurpation of public and private properties, cooperation with enemy, violation of human rights and other illegal cases, and now candidate themselves for elections are evaluating and if was specified their names would be omitted from the list of candidates.

The electoral complaints independent commission wanted from people of Afghanistan that if they have complain from possible candidates with referring to the central and provincial offices of this commission, register their complain and the evidence should be submitted.

The commission committed to keep safe the identity of complainers and for realization of electoral justice, all complains are evaluating.

Those individuals their names are registered in initial list of parliament elections candidates of 1397 solar year is in need of confirmation of electoral complain independent commission so that to recognize as candidate of election and get the permission of participation in electoral campaigns.

The electoral complaint independent commission would confirm their authority in a time that all possible complains in their address be evaluated and become assure that they have no involvement in illegal activities, violation of human rights and organized crimes and now also have no involvement.

This is a very sensitive and at the same time very necessary.

The consideration of law maker from including of this phase in electoral process is proving of honesty and being of electoral candidate far from commitment of organized crimes, and participation in performance of illegal armed activities and violation of human rights etc.

Because, it is necessary to prevent from entrance of such criminal individuals in parliament that is the house of people of Afghanistan and every member of it represents from determinations of nation of Afghanistan and vice versa, the ground be prepared for entrance of honest who were not involving in illegal activities, organized crimes and didn’t violate human rights.Some members of 16th legislative round of parliament are accused to some crimes such as having unscrupulous groups and individuals, committing law-breaking and crimes such as human rights violations etc. usurpation of public properties, activities belong to production and smuggling of narcotics and human smuggling of obviously it was said that in any way, these individuals are eligible for membership of parliament.

Now too, these individuals and political parties, human rights institutions, civil institutions etc. not to be entered to parliament that previously were committing organized crimes and now they commit illegal activities and are violators of human rights. The people of Afghanistan expecting from electoral complaint independent commission how it proclaimed, the commission would behave seriously with such individuals and prevent from their entrance into the house of people. It is very necessary that the electoral commissions to implement completely the enforced laws and law of elections and pave the way for formation of a committed, accountable and void of any corruption parliament.

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