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Afghans eyeing a productive parliament

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According to article 81 of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the National Assembly of the country is the most prestigious legislative body, which represents the will of its people and their rights.
A government system that has a parliament is considered by many experts as the best quarantor of the democratic system. Because it is based on the participation of the people. In general, the existence of a parliament means the rule of law, and it is a parliament in which representatives of all groups and strata negotiate and represent the political unity of a country.
This year there were differences between the executive and legislative branch of the state over the new fiscal year’s budget. The Lower house of parliament have rejected the budget three times and asked government to bring about changes to the salaries of the low-ranking government employees, remove unnecessary expenditures as well as end NTA salary payments.
Although the delay in approval of the budget brought about challenges to the different sectors in the country, but the two branches of the state could successfully overcome their differences through continued negotiations.
Addressing a ceremony on the inauguration of the third year of the 17th legislative term of the National Assembly here yesterday, the president said that the difference in opinion between the legislative and executive powers were meant that no branch could impose its will and opinion on other, but overcome the differences with negotiations. The president called such an approach characteristic of the republic system in the country.
One of the other most important tasks of the parliament in the present day is to monitor the performance of the executive branch. This will enable the parliament to review the executive branch in different sections, taking into account the principle of executive responsibility vis-a-vis the parliament.
Meanwhile, the accountability of the executive branch to the parliament is because the parliament has called for the representation of the people, and therefore the executive branch must be under constant control and supervision. The strongest element that gives power to parliamentary democracy is the same task of accountability.
Therefore, while monitoring government activities, the parliament should consider national interests rather than taking personal approaches. Following individual interests could not sincerely monitor the activities and bring about accountability in the affairs. The individual interests could change as easily as a dinner served in their honor.
The parliament’s approach towards the national budget was widely welcomed and once again revived hopes regarding a powerful and responsible parliament in the country. The Afghans from across the country took into social media to praise their decision which was unprecedented in the last two decades.
Therefore, Afghans eying a responsible and productive parliament and it is hoped that the parliament continue working hard and bring about further transparency and accountability in working affairs as well as make wise and responsible decisions regarding the peace process and the ongoing security situation in the country.


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