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Afghans expecting efficient, professional parliament

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As Afghans have few days to the October 20 parliamentary elections, a number of Afghan political experts and citizens in interviews with The Kabul Times correspondent have said they hope they would have knowledgeable, professional and good lawmakers for the upcoming parliament.
Civil society organizations and lawmakers believe that parliament needs intellectual and professional people who have enough time for work and service to the people rather than deceiving the people.
Afghanistan is a country that is facing with increasing security challenges and has suffered from continued violence and war; therefore, the new parliament with new lawmakers should make further effort to find proper ways for addressing current challenges facing the country.
“Parliament is the manifestation of the will of people and does represent the nation; therefore, it needs knowledgeable figures, professional and ones that know law,” a lawmaker Ghulam Farooq Majrooh said.
He stressed that in previous parliament there had been lawmakers who did not have sufficient knowledge and education, but they were dignitaries, tribal elders and influenced figures, adding that now most of candidates for the October 20 parliamentary elections are young and well-educated; therefore, hopes have increased to have a parliament with more educated lawmakers.
Jamal Farahmand, an Afghan political expert and university lecturer, says our people hope to have a good parliament with educated lawmakers rather than corrupt ones.
“Most of candidates who have entered the parliament could not represent the people in a better way and by making use of parliament immunity got engaged in private businesses and contracts,” Farahmand said.
Political experts believe that a number of youth that have registered as candidates for the October 20 parliamentary elections are mostly traders and university lecturers and might not have enough time to attend most of meetings of the parliament as they will get engaged in their businesses and investment.
They asked the people to elect candidates who can really represent the people and better conceive the pain and problems of their people and the country.
Kabul resident have different visions regarding candidates. They told The Kabul Times correspondent that candidates who were busy these days in their election campaigns should have sufficient awareness for codification of laws in the parliament as well as monitor the government’s works in a better way.
“Fortunately our people have better experience from previous parliaments and know most of lawmakers have did not serve to the people and country; thus, they know whom should be elected for the upcoming parliament,” a university graduate Tariq Shirzad said.
Based on IEC statistics, over 2,300 candidates across Afghanistan have nominated themselves to run in the upcoming parliamentary elections scheduled for October 20. It is also worth mentioning that campaigns of parliamentary candidates kicked off 28 September and will continue for 20 days.

Suraya Raiszada 

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