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Afghans demanding end of continued war & lasting peace


 By: Lailuma Noori

After years of deadly conflicts, Afghanistan government and Taliban negotiating teams finally opened the other day a new chapter of talks in Qatar to end the ongoing war in the country. This new chapter is considered as a key to open way for solution of the two decades’ disputes and decide on destiny of more than 30 million Afghans.
Although the talks have been considered as historic, exceptional and serious, Afghanistan government expects this round of talks with Taliban will result in maintaining ceasefire across the country. It is worth mentioning that most countries of the world and international organizations have welcomed the start of intra-Afghan talks, saying that Afghan leaders have now the responsibility to decide on ending the vicious 42-year war in their country.

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Afghan has suffered continued war and violence for the past few decades. One of the most significant and debatable issues is to bring lasting and dignified peace to the country. Afghanistan has experienced deadly conflicts and continued crisis for the past 40 years during which thousands of Afghans including children and women have been killed and wounded, while a large number of others have taken refuge in other countries.
The consequences of the continued conflicts and violence have been despair and discouragement for Afghans nothing. Accordingly, the people of Afghanistan have come to the conclusion that the result of the ominous and continued conflicts in the country is destruction and devastation; so the people are tired of the continued war and want only lasting peace in their country. All are stressing on ending the war and maintaining truce as they much feel the need for ending the ongoing war.
Maintaining of lasting and enduing peace is considered as one the principal requirements of each individual in Afghan society. There is no doubt in need of lasting peace in the country. People want peace which is not against freedoms of the people and values insisted on the country’s constitution.
Afghans believe in peace that definitely ends the ongoing war in the country. They are stressing that peace should be countrywide and should guarantee all values of human rights in the society. It should be maintained as a result of joint efforts and in accordance to national and common interests. Maintaining a peace ending various types of violence and discrimination as well as injustices needs strong management; therefore, all aspects of peace should be seriously debated in peace talks with Taliban.
Afghanistan government negotiating team should stress on protection of republic and the two-decade achievement in talks with the Taliban group. It is also necessary that all aspects of violence as religious, tribal and political extremism and violence should be ended to pave the way for lasting peace to the country.
It is worth mentioning that Saturday talks are considered as the first official negotiations between Afghanistan government and Taliban. It is determined that both sides defend and debate valued they believe are important. Although the talks will continue without mediation of any country, Afghans are optimistic that the talks will pave the way for lasting peace and stability in the country.

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