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Afghans ask Int’l community to act upon their commitments

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By: Lailuma Noori

In 2006, the UNGA approved a resolution to create a solution on war on terror that frankly wanted all member countries of the world community to strongly condemn phenomenon of terrorism in all its forms as the most serious threat against international peace and security and take part in a coordinated struggle against it. But as it was expected, the world community, has failed to overcome elimination of all threat dimensions of terrorism in the region and the world.
While the UN has been witnessing remarkable growth of this nasty phenomenon, development of its activities and its merciless attacks but the response of world community has not been sufficient against increasing terrorism.
While level of cooperation among countries has improved, but still framework, instruments as well as essential adaptability for its recognition and elimination of terrorism training, funding, equipping centers and provocations don’t exist.
Due to its geographical location, and being impassable, Afghanistan has been targeted by the global terrorism. The world terror groups want to have access to Afghanistan and other south Asian countries. These criminal groups have no positive goal even apparently and only let the blood of people to provide a bed for their criminal activities. The world terror groups claim that religion is the base of their war in Afghanistan.
While its clearer than the sun that Islam is the religion of peace and brotherhood. 99pc of Afghan people are muslims. Those who are killed and martyred by these criminal in suicide attacks and explosions in urban and rural areas, are all muslims.
They kill thousands innocent men, women, children and elders. Creating fear and horror among people, they pave the way of drug addiction.
Blackmailing, levying, highway robbery, stealing, and terror that have been rejected by Islam, are vastly used by terrorists as source of income. The world community has vowed that would not tolerate support of countries from terrorism and its transborder funding. The Afghan people ask the world people to act according to their commitments, and end the violence and terror.
Until the world community has not created a certain framework to settle all terror related problems, targeting of small parts outside their training and equipping centers would not be effective. The Afghan government policy is to establish strong political relations with neighboring countries as security relations must be setup at regional level simultaneously to achieve in war on terror.
Not only Afghanistan but the regional countries are also under global terror threat.
Each of these countries are facing with domestic violences and should renew their commitments and show their power and strength to fight it. Further advice and concentration should take place in regional war on terror and efforts must be made how to ensure regional security, because peace and stability in Afghanistan causes strengthening of stability in neighboring and world countries.
The framework on war on terror as well as the road to peace in the region should be sought. Today a complete international consensus on war on terror and restoration of regional peace and stability has been created. The Brussels conference was demonstrator of this international consensus. Other point is regional consensus. Tashkent conference was the best demonstrator for creation of regional consensus. Regional consensus was created in best and effective way in Shanghai conference.
Another big step was gathering of Islamic world that several meetings were held in different countries on war on terror and strengthening of peace process at regional and universal levels. In these meetings, particularly general conference of Islamic world Ulema in Saudi Arabia, war, violence, suicide attacks and explosions against the Afghan people and government were interpreted as sedition and sedition actions and absolutely illegal in Islam.
Indonesia, the biggest Islamic country was the first host of talks among Afghan, Pakistan and Indonesia ulema.
The universal conference of Islamic Ulema on restoration of peace and stability in Afghanistan was hosted in Mecca by the custodian of the two holy mosques.
All these national, regional and world gatherings were on ensuring of peace and stability in the region and world try to get rid of terrorism.
Movements in the Islamic world show that peace in Afghanistan is supported. The Afghan government says that peace ownership is led by Afghans that enjoys that peace ownership is led by Afghans that enjoys international support. The US also supports this process and plays facilitating role.
Although peace talks of Taliban and the US is not a key to all problems, but could open the door of talks of Taliban and the government and ultimately lead to restoration of peace in Afghanistan because the Afghan peace process enjoys strongest possible global support. If Taliban want peace to be restored in Afghanistan, they should meet the Afghan government and start peace talks and present what the Afghan people want and that is restoration of peace, stability.
If Taliban want and wish to reach power, the election door is open to them. Last year, the Taliban militants during ceasefire days had talked on their decline to end the war. No doubt such desire is not acceptable to Taliban leaders who are under the domination of Pakistan.
Peace and political negotiations have found more attractiveness among Taliban and a group of this militants may give up the battlefield. Pakistani military leaders attach no privilege but submission of this group to their colonial demands. This is an undeniable fact that without permission of Pakistani leaders, Taliban agree with no reconciliation with the Afghan government.
Terrorists cannot continue war without support and safe hideouts in Quetta and Peshawar. To reach their goals, Pakistani military leaders not only provide financial and military resources to Taliban and other terror groups, but also are involved in one way or another in command and control of Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan battlefields.
The families of senior terrorists authorities are living in Pakistan in full security and enjoy every medical and living condition resources. Do they give up all these imaginary privileges simply and pose their families with physical and financial danger?
If these terrorists disobey orders of Pakistani generals, not only lose their every resources but also pave the way of their annihilation.
Therefore without agreement of Pakistani leaders particularly I.S.I, the Taliban leaders and insurgents can take no dependent decision and the hope of peace and security with this group would be only a dream. 

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