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“Afghanistan’s stability is directly linked to settlement of migration problems,” President Ghani

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KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani attended and delivered speech at the conclusion of as ymposium on migration management entitled ‘Learning from the world best practices’ here on Monday, a statement from the presidential press office said Tuesday.
Addressing the ceremony, the president pointed to challenges of refugees and IDPs, need for a roadmap in cooperation with regional countries for implementation of national policy and taking urgent steps for solving of the issues, the statement added.
The president went on saying that Afghan nation was suffering from the consequences of the migration, adding stability and peace in Afghanistan having direct link with the sustainable solution to the issues of migration and IDPs.
Pointing to papers presented during the symposiumand the books, the president said there was no consensus in analytical studies with respect to the issues of migration.
“We are developing policies without exact figures. We basically don’t know our refugees and don’t know what they have,” the president said, adding most of the drafts on migration were theoretically made and developed without considering the realities on the ground.
The president went on saying that anyone who sees immigrant in a humorous way has in fact seen the national dignity of Afghanistan humiliated. “We are proud of our immigrants.”
The president said the issues of migrants were not belonged to a specific ministry or organ, but factors behind migrations should be explored.
Meanwhile the president said Land Bank was established and that could be good news for the migrants. “All Afghans are in the first grade and all the provinces should be equally seen. This is a single country which require single policies.”
Pointing to government’s program in the last four and half years, the president addressed the audience in detail on six points of the rule of law, defining the duties of the government, preparing roadmaps for the ministries, implementation of the national projects, utilizing physical, cultural and human resources of Afghanistan, reviving national agricultural programs and investments on security, peace and stability.
Concluding his remarks, the president said. “It is the time that an Afghan-led program to be initiated to address the issues of migration in cooperation with international community.”
Dr. Malik Stez researcher of international affairs and facilitator of the symposium said the event was focusing on three points of learning from best practices on migration, recommendation for international and national organs on better management of the migration and a change to the management issue in Afghanistan.
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