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Afghanistan’s second exporting package reached Azerbaijan via Lapis Lazuli

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The second exporting package of Afghanistan via Lapis Lazuli road from(Herat-Torghundi port) moved toward Turkey and reached to Azerbaijan.
The High-way Transport Administration of Ministry of Transport says that this package passed from Turkmenistan and reached in Azerbaijan.
Worth $ one million, this package was include of 17tons of Kashmira that would be transferred to UK.
The spokesman of ministry of transport told media that the second exporting package is include of 17 tons Kashmira at the cost of $ one million is to be transferred in the framework of the convention on Intl. Transport of Good under cover of TIR carnets (TIR Convention) system by Afghan TIR co. and would soon be reached to Turkey.
It was planned this package to be reached to Turkey within 12 days but the process was time consumed in Lapis Lazuli highway.
The Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) says varieties of exporting items are replaced in 13 trucks but because of some problems in connection with receiving visa in member countries, only one truck did to move.
Head of Board of Directorate of Chambers of Commerce and Industries, Atiqullah Nasrat says till the problem of visa not to be solved our merchants wouldn’t benefit effectively from this road. The only problem remained in the connection is only the visa problem.
TIR administration says that the representatives of member countries of Lapis Lazuli road are now discussing on the solution of visa problem and MoU in this respect in Georgia to be signed.
Lapis Lazuli road is the land road that begins from Torghundi in western part of Afghanistan and after passing through Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Georgia reaches in Turkey.
The authorities in Afghanistan government say that it is planned the exporting items of Afghanistan to be exported to Europe via this road.
In their interviews with The Kabul Times, the witnesses in economic affairs said that the lapis lazuli road is the most cheaper, short and guaranteed road for the export of Afghan mechanized.
With utility from this road, the commercial cost to be reduced and the ways to be shortened for merchants and further markets would be find for offering of Afghan merchandized.
A witness in economic affairs, Ustad Saifuddin Saihoon believes with utility from this road, from one side the transit-cost to be reduced and on the other, the income in exporting items to be increased.
According to him, the lapis lazuli road would also help improve political situation in the region. Because, after this, the interests of regional countries would knot more with commerce and transit.
At the same time, the government of Afghanistan also made effort to enhance its commercial ties with regional countries, as with inauguration of lapis lazuli road, this country would have commercial activities with other 14 regional countries as well.
Based on information released by Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, opening of lapis lazuli road maintained the fifteen years long desire of Afghan merchants and after this, the latters can transfer their merchandized to regional countries and Europe with lower expenditure.
They also regarded lapis lazuli road as important commercial road of Afghanistan and believe utility from this road prepares the ground for cheaper, assured and standard trade for merchants.
It is said that the first commercial package of Afghanistan commodity was exported to overseas in December of last year and also hope has been pinned the problems of merchants’ visa to be solved soon.
Shukria Kohistani

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