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‘Afghanistan’s exports increased by 32% over past eight months’


KABUL: Ajmal Hamid Abdul Rahimzai, Acting Minister of Industry and Commerce appeared at a press conference held at GMIC on Tuesday and said the exports have increased by 32% in the first eight months of fiscal year 1397, compared to the same period of last year.

The implementing the National Exports Strategy, establishing air corridors, holding trade shows for the purpose of marketing Afghanistan products abroad, building transit routes with China, Kazakhstan, India and Uzbekistan, and identifying six items of country’s important products for export, are the main reasons for the increase in exports in the last eight months.

“Afghanistan’s economic growth and development are the main goals of NUG and international community for the transformation decade. The country’s economic growth through strengthening of the private sector, is one of government priorities, which includes the supporting of local investors in order to improve the capacity of domestic products to increase exports and substitution of imports” Acting minister added.

Approval of industrial parks policy and scheme for determination of 50 AFs per square meter of land in all industrial parks, retrieving 128 acres of parks’ lands from usurpers in Khost province and 114 acres in Kabul, and distributing 60 acres of land for investors in Barik Aab industrial park, are part of Ministry’s achievements. 1.3 billion AFs will be invested in Barik Aab industrial park, which will provide jobs for 9,000 people.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.