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Afghanistan’s 100th Anniversary of Independence Day


BY: Abdulhadi Achakzai
Independence Day of Afghanistan was revealed by King Amanullah Khan on August 19, 1919, when the British Empire were forced to flee from Afghanistan. After the victory of third Anglo-Afghan war, King Amanullah Khan announced and declared the full independence from British.
“I have declared myself and my country entirely free, autonomous and independent both internally and externally. My country will hereafter be as independent a state as the other states and powers of the world are. No foreign power will be allowed to have a hairs breadth of right to interfere internally and externally in the Afghanistan affairs, and if any ever does I am ready to cut their throat with this sword1”. King Amanullah Khan announced these statements to the established assembly in Kabul.
During the kingdom of King Amanullah Khan the Independence Day was called Eid-e-Esteqlal (Eid of Independence). In order to commemorate the victory of war and Independence, he built the Taq –e- Zafar (Victory Arch) in Paghman district of Kabul.
“No one has gifted us this independence. Only Allah the Almighty has endowed us with this blessing. Independence is not something like a gift: we sheds blood for it, as you did, and won it by your sword. The only wish of my humble heart is far the entire Afghan nation to have freedom and liberty as does their government2”. King Amanullah Khan dispatched his speeches during the celebration of Independence Day in the Taq e Zafar gate in Paghman District.
Amir Amanullah Khan
King Amanullah Khan Son of Habibullah Khan was born in Paghman District of Kabul Province in June, 1892. He was from the Pashtun Barakzai tribe. The King was a brave, intelligent and a nationalist. His policy was to convert Afghanistan into a stable and prosperous kingdom on modern railway lines, and highway system, adapting the best of western practice. King Amanullah Khan became a national hero and turned his attention to reforming and modernizing his country. He established diplomatic and commercial relation with major European and Asian countries. He opened schools for boys and girls and he commenced implementing equal rights for all people. His wife first lady Soraya Tarzai played an important role in regard to the King policy for women and equal rights. She opened girl’s schools and gave job opportunities to Afghan women in Kabul.
During the ten years of Amanullah Khan Tenure, he initiated a period of dramatic change in Afghanistan in both foreign and domestic politics. The King was diligently working to modernize the country and bring sustainability’s, he established parliament of dignitaries to implement law and sovereignty. The king lunched massive reforms included a new dress code which permitted women in Kabul to go unveiled and encouraged officials to wear Western dress. He constructed Darul Aman Palace, Darul Aman was one of the first modern neoclassical buildings in Afghanistan which had central heating and running water. During the King constructive attention toward a better country he established constitution and Afghan national Flag.
When King Amanullah Khan lunched the reforms, he revealed decree about wearing Western dress and opened schools for girls. People who had no enough knowledge about Islam started campaign against him, and claimed that Amanullah Khan became unbeliever. The King was mostly engaged in modernizing the country, he was not looking after the propagandas of people behind him. Rural people were mostly concentrating on sharia, although sharia (Islamic Law) was to be the residual source of the King reform, but the King was thinking about freedom and equal rights. Some of rebellion religious leaders stood against the government and joined with Habibullah Kalakani. Kalakani was initially living in the mountains between Jalalaban and Kabul, he was opposite with Amanullah Khan Government. After the upraising of Habibullah Kalakani against the government. King Amanullah Khan went to neighboring county British-India to exile and prevent the civil war. His brother Enayatullah Khan was acting, during this time Kalakani entered Kabul and got the empire for 9 months.
Amanullah Khan had a very big ambition to build the country and establish internal and external policies. If his strategic plans were ruined, Afghanistan would now would be among improved counties.
Celebrating 100th year Independence anniversary
Afghan government has taken top arrangements for celebration the 100th year Independence Day anniversary. After many years of civil war and conflicts the government has taken such comprehensive and chronicle inclination. Afghan president Mohmammad Ashraf Ghani revealed a decree to re-construct Darul Aman destroyed Palace and use it for celebrating the 100th year Independence Day anniversary. The streets and national parks of Kabul are covered by three color lights, and people are encouraged to celebrate the anniversary with happiness.

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