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Afghanistan would never return to dark days


Much attention of Afghanistan and US officials is now on peace in Afghanistan as preliminary steps have been taken towards peace talks with the Taliban group and it is possible that the warring sides reach final agreement.
US officials have said that significant progress has been made in talks with the Taliban group in Doha, capital of Qatar. All sides involved in war on terror in Afghanistan as well as the Taliban group have admitted that Afghanistan has no military solution and no sides can militarily win the war in the country. Therefore, efforts towards maintaining peace in Afghanistan and ending the 17-years war in the country have been started after US administration declared and entered direct peace talks with the Taliban group.
After ending the fourth round of peace talks between US officials and representatives of the Taliban group in Doha, now doubts over positions and remarks of Taliban officials have increased as the group might not have necessary preparation for ending the war in the country despite of their first remarks.
Will the Taliban group get ready to hold direct talks with Afghans and take part in the country’s administration, or the group retake arms and continue the ongoing bloodshed in the country?
Therefore various questions and fears regarding rights and basic freedoms of Afghan citizens arise after final peace agreement with the Taliban group. Another scare is that if Taliban make use of peace talks only as a pretext for full withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan and will think they can defeat Afghanistan government soon after US pulls out its forces from Afghanistan.
Now Pakistan by releasing Mullah Beradar has apparently shown it wants to cooperate in maintaining peace in Afghanistan, but the cooperation can be limited and Islamabad will finally prevent the Taliban group from reaching final agreement with the US and Afghanistan government.
In Afghanistan, it is time that all political parties and elite figures should join hands to take a sole and united voice for direct talks with the Taliban group although the group has repeatedly denied to hold direct peace talks with Afghanistan government, showing lack of seriousness of the group in connection with peace and stability in the country.
The position of US special peace envoy Zalmay Khalilzad shows that reaching final agreement depends on direct peace talks with Afghanistan government. Taliban has not declared their decision in this regard.
Taliban should not think they can topple Afghanistan government soon after US pull out its forces from the country. There’s huge differences between the current government and other governments in the past. The current government of Afghanistan is an elected government and can claim it is legal and encompasses all political fronts; therefore, it should not be imagined that current government will face with destiny of Dr. Najib’s government. Afghans in particular various political parties should lay differences aside and should show to the Taliban that going to back is not possible and Afghanistan will continue its current process. The strong position of the country’s political and social forces will definitely impact on imaginations of the Taliban and their Pakistani supporters.
Lailuma Noori

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.