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‘Afghanistan won’t change to safe haven for terrorists’


As efforts are underway in national and international level for starting the intra-Afghan dialogue, US permanent representative to NATO in her recent remarks has said that US will not let Afghanistan change to safe havens for terrorist groups.

Kay Bailey Hutchison, the US permanent representative to the NATO, says US and NATO have been jointly working in Afghanistan; therefore, both would withdraw from the country at the same time.

The US representative to NATO, Ambassador Kay Bailey Hutchison says they will never let Afghanistan become a terrorist safe haven again.

“Last week all foreign ministers met virtually to discuss the Road map to peace in Afghanistan. We are united in our resolve to never again let Afghanistan become a safe haven for terrorists threatening our homelands,” ambassador Hutchison said in a video message.

She stressed that the United States and NATO stand with the Afghan people, their security forces, and their desire to bring peace and stability to Afghanistan. “We continue to support the Afghan people as they navigate this difficult road and we support the inclusive team for the upcoming peace negotiations,” she said.

US ambassador to NATO cited that now is the time for those involved in the government and the Taliban to do what is necessary to seize the opportunity for peace as all Afghans deserve.

“We noted that a negotiated political settlement among Afghans is the best path for ending the conflict,” she added.

Previously, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had said that US hoped that the 40-year old war in Afghanistan would end, stressing that US wanted to end the ongoing war through negotiations.

Pompeo had said they were making effort to end the US longest war in Afghanistan so that US and Afghan citizens could breathe in peaceful environment.


Meanwhile, a number of Afghan experts say if the world countries want peace in Afghanistan with protection of the past years’ achievement, they should exert necessary political pressures on countries supporting terrorist groups in particular the Taliban so that the group join peace process and start negotiations with Afghanistan government.

“Lots of countries in the world and region have been trying for years to be part of Afghanistan peace talks,” said Jamal Farahmand, an Afghan political expert.

He said that peace would be only maintained in Afghanistan when armed opponent groups accept the country’s laws, or they should be suppressed in battlefields.

He added that the people of Afghanistan have experienced lots of hardships and wars, but now they wanted to live in a peaceful environment, saying that experiences have shown that armed opponent groups had joined peace negotiations when their supporters had come under continued pressures.

US permanent representative to NATO’s remarks have come amid of increasing violence in a number of provinces of the country and there is no sign of starting the intra-Afghan dialogue between Afghanistan government and Taliban.

Based on the peace deal signed between US and Taliban in March, US will withdraw its troops from Afghanistan and Taliban will reduce violence and cut ties with other terrorist groups including al Qaida.

Suraya Raiszada

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