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Afghanistan welcomes NATO’s financial support to ANDSF


NATO heads of state at the Brussels Summit have once again stressed on strengthening of Afghan national defense and security forces in particularly Afghan air forces and agreed to fund Afghan military forces through 2024 to counter terrorism in the country.
Praising NATO for its financial support to Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF), officials to Afghanistan Ministry of Defense (MoD) say Afghanistan will make effort to hold financial responsibility of funding its security forces beyond 2024.
“Afghanistan is with its allies to counter terrorism and NATO’s financial support to Afghan security forces can be a good opportunity for Afghan militaries to do their job in a better way and terrorism will be definitely suppressed in Afghanistan,” said Gen. Mohammad Radmanish, deputy spokesperson to MoD.
He stressed that NATO allies agreed at the Brussels Summit to fund, strengthen and equip ANDSF to 2024 to continue their fight against terrorism in the country.
Meanwhile, representatives of people in parliament while welcoming the NATO’s financial support to Afghan security forces say NATO should work for Afghanistan peace process besides supporting Afghan security forces.
“Further equipment and supporting ANDSF will change the angle of war in Afghanistan,” said Hashimi, a representative of people in Afghanistan parliament.
Hashimi added that any decision that was made in NATO heads of states summit in Brussels in connection with supporting Afghan security forces should be implemented and NATO’s continued financial support to Afghan security forces can enable the security forces to stand on their feet and defend the country.
Javed Kohistani, another Afghan military and political expert say it is very necessary that Afghan national defense and security should be equipped with modern and heavy military equipment and machineries as ground forces sustain heavy casualties in battlefields.
A number of Afghan military experts says today Afghanistan will have equipped air forces and can lonely plan and conduct airstrikes against insurgent groups if NATO allies have paid considerable attention to the country’s air force.
Afghan residents also believe that Afghan national defense and security forces by spiritual, advising and financial support can maintain security in the country if domestic policies towards maintaining security in the country change.
“Afghan national defense and security forces have the trust of Afghan people and NATO’s continued financial and military support to the Afghan security forces can increase the trust of the Afghan people on their security forces,” said a retired ANA officer Col. Muhayuddin.
He added that NATO’s enduring cooperation and support to Afghan security forces was necessary as Afghan security forces were facing with increasing and serious challenges in the field of lack of military equipment in the country.
It is worth mentioning that despite that NATO and international forces have been engaged in war on terror in Afghanistan for the past 16 years, there are still security challenges in a number of provinces and it is anticipated that by execution of NATO’s training program for Afghan air force security threats will decrease in the country.
Suraya Raiszada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.