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“Afghanistan wants to use China’s experiences to tackle coronavirus,” President Ghani

رئیس جمهور غنی افغانستان می خواهد از تجارب چین در راستای مبارزه با ویروس کرونا، استفاده کند

 By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in a meeting with Chinese ambassador to Kabul discussed modality of tackling coronavirus and using the country’s experiences in this regard.
In the meeting attended by the First vice President and acting minister of foreign affairs, President Ghani first congratulated the country for fruitful steps towards tackling coronavirus.  The country’s President appreciated Chinese government for suggestion in field of tackling coronavirus, adding that relevant government institutions would effectively make use of the assistance.
He said that he proposed in the video conference of the leaders of SAARC member countries that SAARC and SCO members should ensure coordination of efforts against coronavirus.
He said that they wanted to utilize the experiences of China to take steps for construction of accurate and proper buildings and clinics for treatment of coronavirus patients.
He said that they wanted to utilize the experiences of China to tackle the issue of coronavirus in the urban areas because their cities were populated. Afghanistan wanted to use the experiences of China which were used in Wuhan city. He said that they would get connected with the Chinese health experts through video conference.
 He said they wanted to purchase equipment for treatment from its budget to tackle the issue of coronavirus. The list of these equipments had been prepared, he added.
He said that they wanted to utilize the experience of Chinese health experts to tackle the issue of coronavirus. Another important step was to create coordinated mechanism to provide favorable environment for the Chinese health experts to share their experiences with Afghan health workers.
Attention on Herat was of utmost importance, he said.
“We have open border with Iran. Thousands of Afghan people return through this border every day. We want the experience of Chinese Wuhan city in Herat,” he said.
The import of trade goods to Afghanistan would remain continuous, he said, adding that all the routes including the railway track would be kept open.
On the occasion, the Chinese ambassador said that they had received a list from the Afghan foreign ministry, adding that they were trying to fulfill the needs of Afghanistan to fight coronavirus.
“When flights resume to Urumqi, the equipments would be brought to this country,” he said.
The Chinese ambassador said that they were ready to share their expert experiences with Afghanistan.
It is pertinent to mention here that 36 suspected and one confirm coronavirus patients escaped from a hospital allocated for these patients in Herat today. 

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