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Afghanistan, US in the course of sustainable relations

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The US president Donald Trump arrived in Kabul on Thursday in surprise visit as it was his first visit of Afghanistan as the USA president. The goal behind his visit to Kabul was apparently meeting the US troops stationed here and participation in thanksgiving festival with these troops who are here away from their families and congratulating them the new Gregorian year of 2020 which is expected to be advented soon.
During this visit, the US president Donald Trump also met our president Mohammad Ashraf Ghani too and both leaders discussed on current bilateral relations as well as current peace process and talks with Taliban.
Both the presidents emphasized that, if Taliban are committed to a peace agreement, should accept ceasefire and this is the only way for restoration of a reliable peace in Afghanistan.
Both leaders reiterated that terror cells outside Afghanistan should be eliminated.
The US president said that his government would continue its full support of the next Afghan president who is elected by people and announce by IEC.
President Trump clarified that the US troops would remain beside the Afghan government as strategic partners until the Afghan government need them.
All these mean that a new chapter of relations has been opened between the two countries, a relations that would be started with joint efforts to end current violence and implement peace in Afghanistan with a ceasefire and joint struggle against terrorism particularly against its main centers and strategic and continued cooperation between Afghanistan and the US would be its main testimonies.
Following the Bonn Conference, the US is one of the main and major countries that made great moral and material investments for Afghanistan state building and reconstruction and has been beside the Afghan people and government.
Prior to this, the US president had said that the Afghan government should be involved in every peace talks and peace process should be carried out with management and ownership of this government, an important issue that was underestimated and ignored during the last nine rounds of talks of the US special representative and Taliban in Qatar and is essential to be considered in upcoming peace meetings.
The US president remarks on remaining of the US troops beside the ANSDF until they need them, is a very constructive and positive idea taking into account current conditions and situations of Afghanistan, continued terror threats as well as interferences of our neighbors in our domestic issues. Withdrawal or reduction of the American troops should be proportionate to Afghan situations so to prevent Afghanistan recollapse into the claws of international terrorists and strengthen permanent and sustainable stability in Afghanistan.
At present Afghanistan is the host of tens terror groups supported by certain regional and neighboring countries. To fight these groups, Afghanistan is in dire and urgent need of continued universal support particularly the USA.

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