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Afghanistan to present three-phase peace plan

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By: Suraya Raiszada

KABUL: Turkey is expected to host another meeting for Afghanistan peace process, where the Afghan government leadership is expected to present a three-phase peace roadmap, according to Presidential Press Office saying in a statement.
The country’s President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has shared the plan with a number of foreign countries representatives and would present and discuss it in the meeting expected to be hosted by Turkey, the statement said.
In the meeting, the country’s president aims to reach an agreement with the Taliban before elections.
The first phase is reaching a political settlement between the government and the Taliban on an internationally monitored cease-fire, the second phase will be holding a presidential election and the establishment of what he said a government of peace and implementation of arrangement for moving toward the new political system, while the third will involve implementation of long-term peace building drafts including state-building and market-building, according to the statement.
Meantime, welcoming the upcoming Istanbul peace conference, a number of the country’s senate members said that the Istanbul summit with scattered plans and agendas would not only bring peace to Afghanistan but would also pave the way for the collapse of the regime.
They called on politicians and parties to support any plan that paves the way for lasting and dignified peace in the country.
In addition to the government, representatives of political parties and factions are scheduled to attend the Turkish peace meeting, but some parties believe they will present specific plans at the meeting.
Fazulhadi Muslimyar, chairman of the Mishrano Jirga called on the country’s politicians to work on a single plan for the survival of the system and to participate in the Turkish session in unison. He noted that Afghan politicians should support a plan that benefits the regime and the people.
Meanwhile, Mawlavi Mohiuddin Monsif, another senate member said that the political currents participating in the Turkish summit from the address of the Republic have separate and mixed views and plans, and warned that this will weaken the position of the Republic in the summit.
On the other hand, Mohammad Khan, another senate member used an Afghan proverb translating that Afghan politicians were pouring water into the enemy’s mill with scattered plans and a scattered agenda.
Another senate female member from the Hindu-Sikh minority, Anarkali Hunryar said those who attend the Turkish summit from the address of the Republic should be the voice of the Afghan people.
According to her, representatives of war victims, religious minorities and women should also be present at the meeting.
Turkey is scheduled to hold a major summit on peace in Afghanistan, where report said the meeting will begin on April 16 the current year and would last for ten days.
Meanwhile, office of the High Council for National Reconciliation has also announced the preparations and efforts for the Istanbul meeting saying: “The High Reconciliation Council is trying to go to the Turkish meeting with a single and coherent view from the government of Afghanistan.
Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation, hoped that the Istanbul Summit could take fundamental steps towards peace in Afghanistan and pave the way for the establishment of a lasting peace, ceasefire and the end of war in the country.
Optimism about holding the Turkey summit comes while unfortunately, the Taliban are still continuing violence and asking the Turkish authorities to hold the Istanbul summit after the holy month of Ramadan.

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