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Afghanistan to form trilateral commission on economic cooperation with Iran and Turkmenistan

MoFA commission

By: The Kabul Times

KABUL, Afghanistan – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said a trilateral commission for economic cooperation will be established between Afghanistan, Iran and Turkmenistan, the ministry said in a statement.
According to the statement, a diplomatic meeting between the representatives of Afghanistan, Iran and Turkmenistan was held at the ministry to form a trilateral commission between the three governments, in a bid to further facilitate cooperation in economic development.
Bahador Aminian, Iran Ambassador to Kabul and Avezov Hoja Sapargeldiyewich, Turkmenistan Ambassador to Kabul attended the meeting lead by Mirwais Nab, Deputy Foreign Minister for Economic Cooperation.
Nab considers the commission an outstanding initiative that will determine better cooperation of the three governments in economic development, including trade and transit in regional level, the statement said.
He reiterated that Afghanistan will remain committed to the development of political, economic and cultural affairs between Iran, Turkmenistan and other neighboring countries.
Meanwhile, the ambassadors shared their thoughts on such a move, calling for soon implementation of the initiative, the statement said.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.