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Afghanistan stressing on protection of constitution in peace talks

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By: Lailuma Noori

As preparations are underway for holding Turkey’s Istanbul conference in which decision will be made on Afghanistan future, Second Vice President Sarwar Danesh is stressing on protection of the country’s constitution.
He insisted that protection of the constitution for securing values and prevention of power vacuum in the country was a principle, but amendment of the constitution based on current conditions and legal mechanism was also a fundamental need and a positive step.
“The constitution should be amended based on a mechanism mentioned in the law,” Danesh said, adding that peace is worth modification of the country’s constitution. Meanwhile, pointing to another roadmap for peace in the country, Danesh considered that election was a key element for a political system in the country.
“Election is a key element for our political system, therefore, the government leadership—Mr. President in particular—has insisted on an election and he has mentioned he is ready to hold an election under the international community’s observation in the case that a peace agreement is finalized and must be approved by the people of Afghanistan,” Danesh said, adding that the government is ready to hold an early election but the process requires international monitoring.
He stressed that the base of all values including governance, peace and war and changes in government institutions should be justice. Afghan leaders believe that observation of legal norms mentioned in the country’s constitution is a sign of democracy and protection of national values; therefore, they are committed to protection of these values and strengthening democracy in the country. They added that inattention and indifference towards the law would reduce legitimate standards of life, bring under question the legitimacy of the system and people’s will and disvalue strengthening of thought and consolidation of democracy in the country.
In the country’s constitution, the right of political partnership and people’s part in the destiny of the country is important. This was hinted in Afghanistan constitution as the 33rd article says that the Afghan citizens have the right to be elected and cast vote to elect.
Maintaining peace is considered as one of the desires of the people of Afghanistan. What is important in the intra-Afghan talks is to agree on ending the continued war and maintaining ceasefire in the country. But, there are a range of values as common achievements of the people of Afghanistan and international community, republic, human rights, freedom of expression and election which are important enough to be protected.
This comes after media reported that the coming Istanbul conference is set to be held on 16 April and will last for 10 days.



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