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Afghanistan sees unprecedented increase in domestic products

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By: Shukria Kohistani

Agricultural products have unprecedentedly increased in most provinces of Afghanistan comparing to previous years. This year, Bamyan witnesses increasing agricultural products and has been able to get very good position in exporting its agricultural products to other provinces of the country.
Today, Bamyan’s potatoes are found in all domestic markets and Afghan citizens have this product on their eating table all the time.
Meanwhile, local officials of the province say due to rainfalls and proper climate this year, a number of agricultural products have unprecedentedly increased comparing to previous years.
Based on information of provincial directorate of agriculture, irrigation and livestock, potatoes have been cultivated in nearly 18,000 hectare of agricultural fields in Bamyan, where farmers are happy from their products.
According to governor of Bamyan, potatoes products have this year reached to 380,000 tons, showing 12 percent increase comparing to last year.
“This year, Bamyan has witnessed increasing agricultural products as wheat products and yields have reached to nearly 76,000 tons, showing considerable increase comparing to last year,” said Sayed Anwar Rahmati, governor of Bamyan.
Although agricultural products particularly wheat have increased comparing to last year in Bamyan, residents of the province maintain half of their wheat from other provinces every year.
A number of farmers and owners of agricultural fields have asked the central government for cooperation and providing further seeds so that they can have good and more agricultural yields in coming years.
They have also asked for distribution of wheat seeds, potatoes and vegetables seeds, creating cold stores for fruits and potatoes, providing fertilizers for farmers, marketing for selling agricultural products, providing agricultural equipment and promotion of livestock.
Governor of Bamyan stressed that particular attention would be paid to providing wheat and vegetable seeds and creating cold stores for protection of agricultural products, adding that budget would be provided to address problems of farmers in the province.
Meanwhile, Afghanistan ministry of agriculture, irrigation and livestock has promised that budget for construction of 100 cold stores will be allocated and further efforts will be made towards mechanization of agriculture and bringing fruitful wheat and vegetables seeds to farmers.
Bamyan is famous for its vegetables particularly potatoes in the country. Besides, the province also produces a high quality apples countrywide. Apples that are produced in Shibar, Yakawalang, Saighan and Fouladi districts are considered the high quality apples known among farmers, residents and people of the country.
Local officials of the province say Bamyan can be changed to one of exporters of apples if the apple products are managed in a better way.
Based on information of the provincial directorate of agriculture, irrigation and livestock, the total products of apple in the province have reached to 30,000 tons.

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