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Afghanistan security depends upon pakistan’s honest cooperation


Kabul (BNA) The assassination of Maulana Samilhaq the spiritual father of Taliban can accelerate the peace process in Afghanistan.
BNA military affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes: if the history of this imposed war in the country studied and consider situation after toppling the Taliban regime with cooperation of international forces, it will become clear that in different periods of this war, the well-known Taliban figures have been killed but the war continued in Afghanistan as before.
Osama bin Laden the leader of Al- Qaeda killed in Pakistan, Mulla Omer Taliban leader lost his life in Pakistan, likewise, Mullla Mansoor another leader of the group killed in that country and many other influential figures affiliated different terrorist groups lost their lives during the war but the battle continued in Afghanistan.
One can seek the reason in consistent support of Pakistan from numerous terrorist groups.
The majority of people believe that if Pakistan and overt and convert supporters of Taliban desist, supporting terrorist groups, the problem of presence of terrorist will be ended in the region very soon. As most of national and international experts repeatedly have said that Pakistan follows a dual policy regarding terrorism, in open calls itself as pro counter terrorism coalition but covertly uses terrorist groups as a pressure means in regional dealings and doesn’t let the war be ended in Afghanistan and in the region.
In any case, many people think that the imposed war in Afghanistan has reached its turning point, warlike figures in various terrorist groups have been killed or will be killed but what accelerates the peace process and leads to peace is creating barriers against the decisive support of Pakistan from terrorists. When Pakistan comprehends that the battle in Afghanistan has no winner, the world wants to end terrorism, the hideouts of terrorist will not remain safe, then one can be hopeful that the imposed war on Afghanistan has reached to its turning point.
Maulana Samiulhaq assassinated but our people do not mourn and lament for his death because, he openly supported the killers of thousands innocent Afghans.
The time will show, while Taliban have lost their spiritual father, whether they accept this clear and undeniable fact that the battle in Afghanistan has no winner.
Abdul Khalil Menawi

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