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Afghanistan, regional countries should do more to prevent drug-trafficking


Narcotics is a vicious phenomenon threatening national security and affecting political, economic and national identification of the country. Fighting the phenomenon is one of priorities of relevant organs. According to the Counter Narcotics Justice Centre (CNJC),drug-trafficking has considerably increased in Afghanistan comparing to last year.
“In general, 230 people including 13 women, two foreigners and nine personnel of public services who have been involved in drug-trafficking have been arrested by counter narcotics police forces across the country,” the CNJC spokesperson added.
67 of the arrested drug-traffickers by using various ways and tricks wanted to carry drugs to India and Saudi Arabia through Hamid Karzai International Airport. Meanwhile, preliminary court in open sessions has sentenced 179 people including one woman in connection with 136 cases of trafficking narcotics and drugs from 1 – 20 years imprisonment.
The CNJC spokesperson added that Kabul by having 91 cases and Nangarhar by 33 cases were top among other provinces of the country.
Last year, 177 people including seven personnel of public services, six women and two Iranian had been detained in accusation of drug-trafficking in the country.
There are several government and non-government institutions operating in counter narcotics effort in the country, but their operation, efforts and programs have not been effective based on reports.
Meanwhile, a member of counter narcotics commission for Lower House of Parliament Chaman Shah Etimadi says programs that have been followed in fight against narcotics and drugs in the country have not been effective as drug-trafficking and production for various types of drugs have increased recently in the country comparing to previous years.
“Any efforts that have been made towards counter narcotics in the country are unfortunately failed efforts and there have been no achievements in this regard as poppy cultivation, drug-trafficking and number of drug-addicts have unprecedentedly increased across the country,” Etimadi said.
He added that poverty, unemployment and increasing insecurities in the country have resulted in increasing of drug-trafficking and poppy cultivation.
In the meantime, poppy is continuing to be widely cultivated in various parts of the country where thousands of acres of land have been allocated for cultivation of poppy. Moreover, there are thousands of people and bonds purchasing and using various types of drugs in cities and remotest areas in our country as well as other neighboring countries.
Currently, Afghanistan and regional countries as one chain are facing with problem of increasing narcotics and drug-trafficking. For instance, Afghanistan as producer of narcotics and drugs and neighboring countries as users and transit route of drugs to European countries should now do more to prevent from increasing of the phenomenon in the region. All regional countries should give hands together and jointly fight the phenomenon. Reaching to an agreement in this regard and taking practical steps towards counter narcotics can help prevent the phenomenon in the region.

Lailuma Noori

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.