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“Afghanistan people want lasting & fair peace,” CE

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Dr. Abdullah delivering speech in Indonesia Foreign Policy Studies Center in Jakarta

KABUL: Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah in Indonesia Foreign Policy Studies Center in Jakarta said that the government and people of Afghanistan wanted peace and the government was supporting peace talks with the Taliban group.
Delivering speech in the center, the country’s chief executive said: “Our message to the Taliban is to stop violence, cut its relations with terrorist groups, accept the country’s institution and recent years’ achievements and make use of talks for solution of its problems.”
He added that Daesh has emerged in Afghanistan and was launched deadly attacks in the country, but all these challenges have not stopped the people from life and motivation towards tranquility as the people were making effort to have a stable Afghanistan. In his speech, chief executive declared his support from efforts made by the government of Indonesia for maintaining peace and stability in Afghanistan, hoping the efforts would end with result.
Answering a question asked in the center regarding modality of counter terrorism effort, the country’s chief executive said terrorists had no message except terror, violence and killing of innocent civilians; therefore, all nations and governments of the world were needed to jointly work for rooting out the vicious phenomenon of terrorism in the world.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.