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Afghanistan peace & war debate


Each peace process in Afghanistan requires a comprehensive roadmap that should be guaranteed by a super power. Most of debates regarding war and peace in Afghanistan are focusing on what US wants? What is the position of Afghanistan government’s opposition in connection with war and peace in the country? And, finally what will the international community led by US do with ongoing war in Afghanistan?
Taliban are playing three separate games for peace in Afghanistan:
1. Taliban assures the US and its allies that they have cut their links with al Qaeda and other terrorist groups and are only a domestic movement with a domestic agenda and their under control territory will be never used against US and its allies.
2. Taliban are also trying to assure regional countries that they won’t be a threat to the region as they do not let regional terrorist groups in Afghanistan to threaten national interests of regional countries; and, finally the group prefers to hold talks with Afghan political parties rather than Afghanistan government as they are fear to hold direct talks with Afghanistan government.
Taliban by playing such games towards peace in Afghanistan are following a double complicated military and political strategy. In the first step, Taliban are trying to get national and international political legitimacy at all. In the second step, Taliban is holding direct peace talks with US to reach agreement on three main issues: timeline for US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, releasing of Taliban prisoners and getting international legitimacy.
Peace for the Taliban group is a political tactic rather than a strategy. The group still believes that they are able to win the ongoing war through continuation of violence and war in the country, US will soon withdraw its troops from Afghanistan today or tomorrow. Therefore, they have intensified its attacks on ANDSF in various parts of the country.
The logic of Taliban and its regional supporters is based mainly on continuation of war against Afghanistan government.
But, Taliban has not known that new generation of Afghanistan has now changed to a huge mass that can stand as a big military force against Taliban to protect and defend their freedoms if it needs. This mass of new generation has the capability to change from a political to military force against Taliban in the country.
Thus, Taliban are following military goals under the umbrella of peace and their logic is to hold peace talks with US; and, on the other hand intensify violence in battlefields to get further concessions in peace talks.
Lailuma Noori

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