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Afghanistan, Pakistan share common pros & cons

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Officials of Afghanistan and Pakistan on Sunday discussed improvement of bilateral relationship, restoration of mutual trust, end to the ongoing conflict and Islamabad’s sincere cooperation for reconciliation process.
Officials of the ministries of foreign affairs of the two countries had launched work on implementing the Afghanistan-Pakistan Action Plan for Peace and Solidarity (APAPPS) here in Kabul yesterday, aiming to discuss ways of improving bilateral ties, ending the ongoing conflict and restoration of peace and stability in the country.
Afghan deputy minister of foreign affairs, Hekmat Khalil Karzai said under APAPPS five sub-committees had been constituted to deal with political, economic, security and refugee-related issues. Each of the committees had its own head, he added. Meanwhile his Pakistani counterpart Janjua said they were in Kabul with a new message and commitment: Pakistan strongly supports President Ghani’s suggestion of another ceasefire with the Taliban and welcomes the move.”
Pakistan has long been a difficult and disruptive neighbor, seeking leverage in Afghanistan, hoping to limit the so-called India’s influence there, and cultivating radical groups within Afghanistan as proxies. Afghan government has time and again rejected Pakistani officials’ claim, saying Afghans were only willing friendly ties with the neighboring countries, including that of India.
Political tensions and mistrust between Afghanistan and Pakistan is detrimental to security situation within both countries. The government of Afghanistan and its nation expect Pakistan to take sincere steps in war on terror. At the same time emphasizing on expansion of relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan, the Afghan political experts expect these relations to further improve and would be in benefit of both nations.
It must be noted that the thick smoke of fire and explosion in Afghanistan will harm Pakistan’s eye too – neighbors do have common pros and cons. Hence, it is hoped that Pakistan officials to fulfill their commitments and prove their sincere intention regarding the war-weary Afghans.
What the Afghan and Pakistani governments neglect is the fact that deterioration of relations between Kabul and Islamabad is more detrimental to the peace efforts than any other factors. Therefore, both the countries need to maintain sustained friendly relations with the aim to pave the way for peace talks and preventing unexpected disruptions. 
The recent meeting of the two countries’ delegations should seek ways for solidarity and peace in both countries. Afghanistan’s peaceful future depends to a great extent on an auspicious regional environment, with Pakistan at its core.
Meanwhile an unstable Afghanistan will complicate Pakistan’s ability to refurbish its weak state and economy and suppress dangerous internal militancy. Assassinations and military coups have plagued Pakistan since the early years of independence, leaving behind a weak political system unable to effectively deliver elementary public goals, including safety, and respond to the fundamental needs of the struggling Pakistani people. 

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