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Afghanistan-Pakistan relations improving

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By: The Kabul Times

Despite of being close neighbors and both people share plenty of common including religion, language, history, culture…. etc and at present both are facing common opportunities and threats, but the relations between the two countries have been seldom good and have been tensed and continuously affected with tension and clashes, particularly in the recent four decades and even in recent years these relations have developed to the border of cutting ties.
But now, evidents narrate that the relations between the two countries are being changed and most likely after long years being improving and advance toward further improvement.
Since the taking over of Emran Khan as PM of Pakistan, time and again different opinions have been expressed and it has been said that they are in favor of positive change in both countries relations particularly in the wake of recent visit of president Mohammad Ashraf Ghani to Pakistan at the head of a senior delegation at the official initiation of PM Emran Khan.
During this visit each one of Islamabad authorities in their turn and their official speeches requested change of these ties.
Quoting a press release of PM Khan Press Office emphasizing that he respects Afghanistan national sovereignty and territorial integrity, PM Khan has said that a new chapter will be opened in both countries relations.
The Pakistani Dawn Newspaper quoting the press release of PM Khan Press Office has wrote that both leaders have agreed to open a new chapter of friendship and cooperation based on mutual confidence and coordination in the benefit of both countries that as a result peace, stability and welfare would be dominating the region.
Dawn has added that beside declining to establish political, commercial, economic and social relations, PM Khan has reiterated that Pakistan respects Afghanistan’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity. Prior to this and even during his electoral campaigns Khan had emphasized that in case of his party’s victory and taking over of Pakistan PM position, he would settle current problems in his country’s relations with Afghanistan and would improve both countries relations. Because in PM Khan’s opinion, improving of relations between the two countries is in the benefit of regional stability and economic growth.

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