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Afghanistan needs $30 million to address affected areas

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By: Suraya Raiszada

Following recent rains in a number of provinces of the country, officials of state ministry for disaster management says 103 districts and 313 villages are in serious threat of natural disaster; therefore, $30 million is needed to address the respective areas.
“State ministry for disaster management has only $26 million, while we need $30 million to address natural incidents in the country,” said Najib Aqa Fahim, state minister for disaster management.
He added that the country’s highways were also facing with heavy floods, asking for further cooperation to control the crisis.
“Recent rainfalls have affected 103 districts and 313 villages in various parts of the country,” Fahim stressed, saying that the rainfalls have also affected financial losses to our people in particular farmers.
Meanwhile, chief executive office has asked relevant government institutions to early adopt all necessary measures to address possible natural incidents in the country.
This comes after recent rainfalls have surprised the people in particular government officials. Afghanistan meteorology authority has predicted further rainfalls in central and eastern provinces of the country in coming weeks.
Heavy rains and hailstones have recently affected farmers in northern districts of Kabul. Farmers say their grapes have been fully affected by recent hails in Farza district of Kabul.
“I have not seen such hailstones in my whole life. The hails have totally destroyed all apples, grapes and walnuts in our orchards, which has made us sad and concerning as we depend on only selling these fruits in market,” said Payenda, a farmer and orchard-owner in Farza district of Kabul.
Pointing to recent rainfalls and hails in northern districts of Kabul, Sayed Mohammad, district governor of Farza, said the government should help these farmers as they have been affected financially due to recent rainfalls, asking the central government to adopt early measures to address such incidents in future.
Meanwhile, ministry of water and energy has informed of change in the country’s climate, saying that early rainfalls and snowfalls are expected this year. Afghanistan is among countries that usually suffers natural incidents each year. Afghan experts say the government in particular relevant government institutions should adopt early and preventive measures to address areas that area under serious threats of floods and natural incidents.
“Unfortunately, our people suffer financially losses every year due to heavy snowfalls and floods,” said Eng. Azim, working for addressing natural incidents in the country.
He said that it was the responsibility of state ministry for disaster management to send all necessary things and equipment as foodstuffs and tents to areas facing with possible natural incidents as floods so that the people can make use of them in case of happening any incidents.
It is worth mentioning that our people were affected seriously last year due to continued rainfalls and floods in a number of provinces as Badakhshan, Daikundi, Panjshir, Bamyan and Parwan.

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