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Afghanistan moving towards another democratic process

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Sensitive election materials have been successfully transferred to five provinces, the Independent Election Commission (IEC) said on Sunday. The commission, however, expressed fear that insecurity in some provinces could threaten the next month’s polls.
According to IEC, the sensitive election materials and learning devices had been transferred to Herat, Badghis, Farah, Paktika and Ghazni provinces. They also said that similar items were being packed and dispatched to Kandahar, Zabul, Nimroz and Helmand provinces and the materials would reach there soon.
Meanwhile, the Independent Election Commission (IEC) of Afghanistan on Sunday said that it has completed the process of installing new software on the biometric devices for eight provinces which have the ability to detect duplicate fingerprints of voters.
These developments come at the time that presidential runners are successfully conducting their campaigns across the country. They have held many gatherings at the capital Kabul and other major cities of the country amid increasing threats of Taliban to democratic process in the country.
The presidential campaigns and IEC’s preparation showing that all steps have been taken to hold the upcoming presidential elections. Government has also announced that election would be held on its due time and date and nothing could prevent it.
Electoral period is widely defined as a time of people’s candidates’ selection, campaigning, mobilization and voting, and after that the announcement of the elections’ results.
One of the basic political issues in Afghanistan is fraud-tainted and controversial election process and election system. Though there have been a few presidential and parliamentary elections in the country, the basic structure for a fraud-free and transparent election has not been developed. Both Independent Election Commission (IEC) and Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) of Afghanistan have vowed to function independently and have taken further steps to hold a transparent and fraud-free elections.
Elections play a critical role in institutionalizing democracy in any country. Most of Afghans, assume democracy the best governance system that can ensure their representation in the government. It can ensure legitimacy and accountability of the government. It also ensures their voice to be heard and their views to be integrated into a common social or public choice and the government would be accountable to them in terms of maintaining their security, creating a conducive environment for development and addressing the basic needs in a fair and equal manner.
Afghanistan has experienced several elections since the Taliban government was toppled in 2001. All these elections had overriding outcomes for Afghanistan. First, all of them have been received with suspicion by the people. Second, they have continued to be the only legitimate mechanism of power-sharing in the country. 
To strengthen the democracy and democratic processes in the country, everyone should vote in upcoming presidential elections and defy enemies’ threats to development of Afghanistan. We are moving towards another democratic process which definitely needs national and international support.

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