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Afghanistan loses another of its treasured celebrities, Jawanshir Haidari

By: Fathulbari Akhgar

Jawanshir Haidari was a known cinematographer and his loss is seriously felt, President Ghani

Jawanshir Haidari dedicated his life in development of cinema and art of Afghanistan, CE Abdullah

Jawanshir Haidari dedicated his life in development of cinema and art of Afghanistan, CE Abdullah

KABUL: The country’s well-known filmmaker and head of Afghanistan’s Cinematographers Union, Jan Mohammad Jawanshir Haidari died in the early hours of Tuesday morning, a statement from the Ministry of Information and Culture confirmed the other day.
The reason for his death, was hearth failure and he passed away at the Ibn-e-Sina state-run Hospital at the age of 68, the ministry said in the statement. During university, he became an active member of the Kabul University’s cultural committee and played the leading role in most of the shows, as he started the art when he was a school student. The late Haidari also worked for many years to improve the situation of cinema and art in Afghanistan and his work was highly appreciated at home and some neighboring countries.
From famous shows in which, he role-played, was “Bali Guftan” (saying yes) the work of the country’s late Jalal Nurani and “Khasis” (Stingy) from Müller.
He also directed many tv films and played in multiple cinema movies such as “Dihkadaha Bidar Meshawand” (the villages waking up), “Gonah” (sin), “Almas-e-Seya” (black diamond) and “saboor-e- Sarbaz” (Soldier Saboor), “Ruya” (dream) and “Sarband” (dam), according to the statement.
Jawanshir Haidari also remained as the head of Afghan Film with simultaneous membership of the Paiwand International Association Council leadership in Tajikistan, as well as a member of Afghanistan-China Friendship council.
He also directed “Baba” (dad), “Kajrah” (tilted way) and “Almas-e-Sharq” and after returning home before nearly two decades, he provided and directed two more films such as “Jadugar-e-Sabaz” (green magician) a manuscript from Jalal Nurani and Akherin Shab and “Akherin Shir” (the latest night and the latest poem.)
President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, in a statement from the Presidential Press Office called his death a great loss to the cultural and art society of Afghanistan and expressed his deep condolence to his bereaved family and friends.
Chief Executive of the National Unity Government, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah also said he was deeply saddened to hear about his death and said: “Jawanshir Haidari started his work to develop cinema and gifted the people joy and smile, when the country was in its worst condition.”
The CE hoped his works remained an inspiration for the country’s artists to further develop cinema and art in the country, a statement from his office said. 

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