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Afghanistan, India stress on continued sanctions on Taliban

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By: Lailuma Noori

Afghanistan National Security Council (ANSC) in a statement said that National Security Advisor NSA Hamdullah Muhib in a meeting with Indian ambassador Rudrendra Tandon discussed sanctions on the Taliban group.
In the meeting, both sides agreed to deepen cooperation on issues of mutual interest in bilateral and multilateral forums, stressing that Afghanistan and India will also continue close consultations on UN sanctions against Taliban and other terrorist groups. The UN 1988 committee overseeing the United Nations Security Council’s (UNSC) sanctions on the Taliban group is headed by the Indian government. Afghanistan government considers continuation of sanctions on the group to make them get ready for peace and reduction in violence as significant.
Previously, the United Nations security Council (UNSC) had extended the respective UN committee’s mission for another 12 months.
Afghan political experts believe that sanctions are one of the UN’s options for exerting pressure on the Taliban group and their supporters as continued activities of terrorist groups can pose serious threats to Afghanistan, the region and other countries of the world.
Taliban should prove to the people and government of Afghanistan as well as the UN that they have cut their relations with al Qaeda and other terrorist groups, stop violence and enter serious peace negotiations with Afghanistan government. Recent reports have shown that the group is still linking with al Qaeda and other terrorist groups.
Previously, deputy of EU delegation to Afghanistan Arnout Pauwels had stated that removing names of Taliban from blacks list would be a mistake, saying that more members of the group should be added to the list if they insisted on continued violence and targeted killings in the country. He considered peace talks as significant for future of Afghanistan.
Afghanistan has experienced fighting and violence for the past 40 years; therefore, it is necessary that violence should be stopped in Afghanistan. Ending the continued war and reduction in violence by the Taliban are one of the main demands of the people of Afghanistan and international community.
In the past, Taliban repeatedly asked for removing the names of their leaders from the UN blacklist. The group had considered removing its leaders’ names from the list as part of the US – Taliban peace deal. A key Taliban member Shir Mohammad Abas Stanekzai in peace meetings has asked for removing names of the group’s leaders from the UN blacklist. Afghanistan National Security Advisor has stressed on keeping names of Taliban leaders in the UN blacklist as the group has increased violence across the country where civilians and military personnel are both targeted.
Following increasing violence in various parts of the country, peace talks between Afghanistan government and Taliban negotiating teams have faced with continued deadlock in Doha.



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