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Afghanistan in a loophole

By: Ajmal Hajizada
During the Soviet Union war (1979-1989), many countries had succeeded in their strategic objectives by helping each other, their mutual interests that were bond in a circle shape and were unimaginable to be achieved without assisting each other.
A war zone that helped multiple countries to get their objectives as their long term strategic goals, and obliterated multiple countries as well. this combat enabled Pakistan’s access to get it’s nuclear bombs by the support of US aid even when the Pressler amendment was first imposed on Pakistan in April 1979. (Pressler amendment Sanction  was only to keep the people of US And India busy while there was a deep secret understanding between the Reagan administration and General Zia) in return, Pakistan had played as a proxy of the US against the Soviet Union with the assistance of the US on top followed by Saudi Arabia and China at the back.
Why China became an ally of the US to help Pakistan? China wanted Pakistan to get its nuclear weapons to deter India in economic skirmish in the future as its biggest rival Pakistan was the best option for China. During the Soviet Union war, countries had acquired what they intended as their long strategic motives, Mujahideen came to fight against Soviet invasion by having their Islamic doctrine while they were on a fight for achieving the strategic objectives for the US, Pakistan, and China.
They all reaped triumphs, The Mujahideen, The US, Pakistan, and China if I put their triumphs by ranking it would be Pakistan at first because multiple countries strategic goals were connected with Pakistan if we see it from the US lense Pakistan was the only country with having 2,430-kilometre (1,510 mi) Durand Line with Afghanistan, Pakistan’s easy access to Afghanistan showed the geopolitical gain to the US to manipulate Pakistan as it’s proxy against the Soviet Union that helped the US in rising as a new superpower in the world. And from China’s perspective, Pakistan and India share 3,323 km of its land border with Pakistan that includes the Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu and Kashmir, China helped Pakitan in it’s making of nuclear weapons to deter India in future as it’s economic rival.
The geopolitical gain of Pakistan empower Pakistan to become the first Muslim nuclear power country in the world. But who suffers the most between them? I would obviously mention Afghanistan’s name on top, fighting the war of the proxies by its own people, and later on, starting of the Civil War between Mujahideen that almost killed  2,000,000 civilians, millions of Afghans fled the country as refugees, mostly to Iran and Pakistan, and many displaced inside the country, the destruction of the beautiful infrastructures of Afghanistan, as it’s said for the sake of many one should be a scapegoat and that scapegoat was Afghanistan that almost lost its entire generation, and followed by the Soviet union for it’s dissolution.
The author is an Afghan undergraduate Student of International relation at University of Lahore

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