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Afghanistan imports reached to $55 from US last year, official


By: Shukria Kohistani

KABUL: Officials of the Chamber of Commerce and Investment has said that Afghanistan had imported goods costing up to $55 million from the US, while its exports was about $5 million, last year.
In a news gathering about the Afghan-US chambers of commerce’s 14th meeting expected to be held in Washington D.C. from 9 to 11 June, Sayed Zaman Hashimi, the CEO of the Chamber of Commerce and Investment in Afghanistan said that the main aim of the meeting was to introduce opportunities of investment for the country’s traders.
“As we are at the threshold of peace, holding such conferences can pave the way for further investment of the country’s traders,” said Hashemi adding last year the country had up to $55 million imports from the US and five million exports to that country.
Likewise, Head of Afghan-America, chanmber of commerce and investment Sayed Sulaiman Lutfi told the gathering that the joint chamber has started functioning over the last 17 years and the goal behind holding the 14th conference of the two countries joint chambers of commerce was to further boost and encourage the growth of investment in the country.
Jafari Greco, the president of Afghan-America chamber of commerce and investment said he believed business and investment has now been developing in Afghanistan and that considering the peace negotiations further investments are expected to take place in the country.
“We are now waiting for peace negotiations and hoping the situation to get better in order certain companies could invest in the field of transport, agriculture and other areas,” he noted.
Economic experts also seem optimistic over the holding of such conferences and said this could help pave the way for further investment for both sides.
Saifuddin Saihoon an economic expert said the Afghans were thirsty of peace to continue their business and beef up their works.
“Reaching to peace would pave the way for more investment in the country and help foreign and domestic investor to resume investment inside the country,” Saihoon said.
The government, he suggested should overcome insecurity, take security of the traders, and prevent kidnapping and other related crimes to encourage the investor resuming investment in the country. 

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.