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Afghanistan has 8.5pc active labour force: ministry

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By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah chaired the council of ministers economic committee meeting here at the Sapidar Palace yesterday, a statement from CE Press Office told The Kabul Times daily.
The meeting discussed effectiveness of air corridors and Lapis Lazuli route, market situation, contract of precious stones and Red Crescent preparation for winter assistance, the statement added.
The Ministry of Commerce and Industry briefed the session on transportation of 15 containers and 317 tons of goods via Lapis Lazuli route to Europe and 33 percent increase in exports of Afghan commodities via air corridors.
The ministry said that Afghanistan was not member of Vienna Road Traffic Convention of 1968 and lack of agreements with Georgia and Azerbaijan that have created obstacles and led to increasing prices of transportation via the road, the statement quoted.
Meanwhile Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs said that there was 7.2 percent inactive labour force and 8.5 percent active force, adding that youth was making 45 percent of two million unemployed in the country, the statement quoted the ministry as saying.
The ministry said that an agreement was reached with UAE to send 19 thousand of Afghan labour force but was not implemented as there was no center for approving workers’ skills and training in the country.
The Ministry of Economy also briefed the session on problems before contracts of precious stones in the country, calling illegal extortions, trafficking, prolong administrative procedures and increment of stones prices comparing to that of the neighbors as the main reason behind industry downturn.
The meeting continued with report from the Red Crescent Society, saying that 378 thousand of families received aid during the 1398 solar year, adding another 3621212 people were eased with medical treatments. The Society also said that 1954 kids with atrial septal defects were also treated inside and outside of the country.
The meeting continued with instructing the line ministries to explore opportunities and address the challenges before transportation of Afghan commodities via Lapis Lazuli route.
The Chief Executive also instructed the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Labor and Social Affairs, Refugee and Repatriates and Central Statistics Department to prepare a draft plan for establishment of a center for approving of the workers’ skills in the country. Dr. Abdullah also said that government would continue supporting the Red Crescent Society’s works.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.