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Afghanistan follows independent foreign policy

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As an independent country and active UN member, Afghanistan has always played and followed an impartial foreign policy and approached the world countries particularly the neighboring countries based on mutual respect and economic interests and non-interference in each others domestic affairs and has been loyal to these universal principles and hereafter allows no one to damage this logical foreign policy.

Here in this article, our comments rotates on the irresponsible and spiteful utterances of the Pakistan so-called civilian government minister of information and publication Fawad Chaudhary who shared with media on Sep 3.2018 and has accused Afghanistan as if India plays military role in Afghanistan and it is not tolerable to Islamabad and we Chaudhary are strongly against it.

Pakistani minister Chaudhary has said, Islamabad is against every military role of India in Afghanistan and in this connection there is difference between the stances of Pakistan and the US that has damaged our relations. These utterances have taken place after the recent visit of US secretary of state Mike Panpeo to Islamabad and his talks on Afghanistan and the regional ongoing situations with Pakistani authorities.

Chaudhary had said, our Army Chief Gen Jawed Qamar Bajwa traveled two times to Kabul and declared that India should play no military role in Afghanistan.

Once again we tell Pakistan that the position of Afghan government is clear, Afghanistan is an independent country and has its own foreign policy and takes steps in the light of its national interests and allows no one to play military role in its territory or use it for implementation of their nasty goals.

We also tell Pakistan that India is one of those countries that has contributed Afghanistan progress and economic development sincerely and unconditionally. In the last years since 2002, India has assisted multi-billion dollar aids to our war-ravaged country which is a testimony to our claim. All these show that India has no military role in Afghanistan and all those assistance are sincere and impartial and the Afghan people and government appreciate them.

In our opinion, if Pakistan wants to be rescued from international isolation and ensure security and stability in its territory and organize its ruined economy, she should give up and end support of terrorists and extremists and shut down their financial, logistic and training facilities and sources in its territory and destroy their sanctuaries and safe hideouts and refrain from irresponsible and improper utterances against Afghanistan.

Regional and global situations have changed, both nations want to live in peace and security and Pakistan should adapt itself with new positive changes in the benefit of both people.

Naser Shah Sarhadi

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