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Afghanistan elections campaigns & security challenges

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By: Lailuma Noori

It is determined that Afghanistan presidential elections campaigns are to be started among presidential candidates tomorrow, but insecurities and threats posed by armed opponent groups are considered as serious problem ahead of the elections in the country.
A number of presidential candidates and election tickets say it is not possible to hold election campaigns ceremonies in all provinces of the country due to increasing securities.
“I think the people are facing with lots of problems due to increasing insecurities in the country. In the meantime, presidential candidates cannot travel to all provinces to open campaign offices in each part of the country as insecurity is a big problem,” said a presidential candidate Shahab Hakimi.
He believed that most of the people would also not attend their campaign ceremonies due to insecurities.
Presidential candidates and election teams have prepared a mechanism for election campaigns through they will try their best to deliver their programs to the people. Based on election timeline, it is determined that presidential election campaigns will be started on 28 July and will end 48 hours before the Election Day.
Although increasing insecurities is considered as big challenge ahead of the upcoming presidential elections, the election will be held on its exact time. Increasing activities and threats posed by armed insurgent groups and their attacks on a number of districts and some parts of the country have raised concern in connection with holding the upcoming presidential elections.
According to Afghan military experts, the biggest challenge ahead of the upcoming presidential elections is the issue of security. Although the country’s defense and security organs have informed of maintaining security, there is big concern over maintaining of better security during the elections campaigns.
They believe that the country’s security organs should maintain security of voting centers as well as highways.
A spokesperson to Afghanistan Independent Election Commission Zabihullah Sadat by considering insecurity as the biggest challenge towards holding timely presidential elections said the commission has sent a letter to the country’s security organs to maintain security during the election campaigns in the country.
Meanwhihle, the ministry of interior has assured that based on a security plan, security of all election campaign ceremonies would be provided.
“When election campaigns get started, security of presidential candidates and their election campaign ceremonies will be maintained in accordance to a particular security plan,” said Nasrat Rahimi, a spokesperson to the ministry of interior.
He added that extra police forces would be deployed in areas for maintaining security of presidential election campaigns. Currently, the ministry of interior has deployed further police forces for maintaining security of presidential candidates.
It is worth mentioning that upcoming presidential election is going to be held on 28 September despite of various challenges ahead of the election for which there are 18 candidates including President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and chief executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah.

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