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Afghanistan committed to safeguarding of freedom of expression

Afghanistan became the 35th member of global coalition of freedom of press after signing of Afghanistan annexation document by second vice president Mohammad Sarwar Danesh on behalf of the Afghan government. Afghanistan has vowed to act in the direction of improving of situation of freedom of media and security of reporters inside and outside the country.
It means that Afghanistan is determined in safeguarding of freedom of press as one of the values of the constitution. Freedom of expression and media have been the two important achievements of people and Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in recent two decades.
Afghanistan has gained remarkable achievements in these two decades on institutionalizing of freedom of expression as one of the values inserted in the constitution. At present over one hundred TV stations, two hundred Radios and nearly 1500 printing media are involved in dissemination of information.
Today the Afghan citizens can express their believes, opinion, ideas and views without fear, void of any censor through media or any other means. No one is prosecuted for expressing of his/her believe and opinion in Afghanistan and at present circumstances no one is jailed for expressing of his/her believes.
The Afghan government has always been supporting freedom of expression and free media activities and making effort in the direction of expansion and institutionalization of this constitutional value. The Afghan government considers itself committed in safeguarding of freedom of expression and support of free media activities.
Contrary to those of the neighboring countries that have arrested and jailed civil right activists, reporters and human right defenders, Afghanistan’s legislative bodies have prepared and approved essential documents aimed at support of rights of media professionals and reporters.
Legal and judicial bodies have been assessing relevant cases of violence against reporters and media workers in the country. The government has established a state committee on security of reporters with the membership of representatives of government, security branches and advocates of reporters and media rights.
Following the beginning of peace talks between Americans and the Taliban in Doha, Qatar, one of the concerns was the freedom of expression and free media activity the two constitutional values, would be victimized in lieu of peace, because Taliban are against these two values and during their rule, they didn’t allow free media activities and presented it with serious challenge. Taliban want the government and its allies to fail before them and these two gains be a scapegoat and victimized.
But the Afghan government and people said that won’t undermine the achievements made so far, in particular in areas of freedom of expression and media in the country and wont deal the two latter in peace talks with the militant groups, that have time and again attacked the centers that facilitated people to raise their voice in demand for peace, security, justice and equality.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.