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Afghanistan asks international partners for cooperation in prevention of coronavirus

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By: Raiszada

Following coronavirus outbreak in China where dozens of people have lost their live, Afghanistan government while taking preventive steps asked its international partners for cooperation in increasing preventive measures and possible testing for diagnosing the virus.
The ministry of public health (MoPH)says steps have been taken to prevent the coronavirus outbreak in the country as health teams have been appointed in the country’s international airports to assess and check passengers entering Afghanistan.
“The ministry of public health has kicked off public awareness programs and it is determined that further steps will be soon taken in the country’s airports to check passengers entering Afghanistan,” said Nizamuddin Jalil, a spokesperson to MoPH.
Based on information of the ministry of public health, passengers entering Afghanistan through airports will be checked and tested in accordance to the program launched by MoPH and in case of finding any signs of the virus, the passenger will be quarantined.
Concerns over possible coronavirus outbreak in Afghanistan have also raised, but officials for the ministry of public health say the ministry has received no report of any single patient suffering the virus so far.
According to the MoPH spokesperson, a system called surveillance had been previously created in the ministry to prevent and timely report epidemic diseases in the country. The spokesperson of the ministry added the system has not received no report of possible presence of the virus in Afghanistan so far.
The MoPH spokesperson further said that the coronavirus outbreak was concerning not only for Afghanistan but for the entire world, adding that the country’s international partners have promised for any possible cooperation in this regard.
Based on reports, 15 new deaths have been reported in China’s Wuhan, the center of the outbreak, as the virus spread to Australia and elsewhere. Wuhan banned traffic from its city center, frustrating many residents. The youngest confirmed victim is 2 years old.
As China marked a somber Lunar New Year on Saturday, 15 more deaths from the new coronavirus were reported in Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak. Other countries, including Australia, said the virus had reached their shores.
The latest deaths, announced early Saturday by the health authorities in Hubei Province, whose capital is Wuhan, brought the toll in China to 41. All but three of those deaths were in Wuhan. The latest victims ranged in age from 55 to 87, the authorities said.
Nationwide, more than 400 new cases of the virus were diagnosed, officials said early Saturday, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in China to nearly 1,300. Travel restrictions in Wuhan and 12 other cities have essentially penned in 35 million people on the country’s biggest holiday, normally a time for traveling to visit family.
Authorities believe the new coronavirus, which causes flu-like symptoms, moved into the human population from an infected animal at a market in the central Chinese city of Wuhan.
Health officials and the World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed this week that the virus has been spreaded person-to-person, but it remains unclear how easy it is to contract it from another infected individual.
The WHO on Thursday declined to declare the virus a global public health emergency, saying it was still too soon to take that measure.


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