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Afghanistan among major export destinations for Iran’s dairy products


By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: Afghanistan, Iraq and Russia are the major export destinations of Iranian dairy products, the secretary of Iran’s Dairy Industries Association said in a press conference the other day.
Reza Bakeri added that after the three mentioned countries, the Persian Gulf states account for the most part of dairy imports from Iran, adding that export of Iran’s dairy products to Russia has been recently increased, IRIB reported.
The official further put Iran’s annual dairy products output at seven million tons and said that of this figure some 450,000 tons valued at $770 million are exported. He also said that some 120,000 persons have direct jobs while 480,000 persons have indirect jobs in 400 companies active in dairy industry in Iran.
Elsewhere in his remarks, Bakeri complained that dairy production units are currently working with half capacity in the country, adding, “Of course, the condition can be changed, and production capacity can be increased through the help of government.”
Meanwhile, Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) has earlier said that Iran was Afghanistan’s biggest trade partner in the recent year and the country exported goods to the value of over $2 billion USD to the country.
“Iran has surpassed Pakistan’s place, which means we have more than two billion dollars in imports and exports with Iran. Imports are high but exports are a lot less. Meanwhile transit is also good through that route (Iran),” an official from the ACCI said.
An economist, Jamal Ahmadi, said government should increase exports as the value is a lot less than that involving imports. “In order to increase exports of a country, there should be a focus on products other countries need (from Afghanistan), but government has not worked on this matter so far,” he said.
Afghanistan’s main imports from Iran are construction materials, food and fuel and diary nowadays.

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