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Afghani value soars up if peace restored


By: Shukria Kohistani

KABUL: Afghan economic experts believe the price of Afghan currency would climb eye-catchingly if a lasting peace was insured in the country.
During the week of reduction in violence (RiV), US dollar dropped by three percent against domestic currency, as earlier a U.S. dollar was dealt between 77.50 and 77.00 Afghanis.
Currently a U.S. dollar is exchanged with 74.20 Afghani, during and after the RiV week and experts suggest the price would climb higher, if lasting ceasefire takes into effect and a lasting peace was restored in the country.
“This is a temporal matter and eventually the price of Afghani could be affected by a likely political change and any political process could have its impact on the Afghan domestic currency,” said Abdul Wasi Haidari an economic expert.
He called Afghanistan’s economy ‘sophisticated’ and added that it was crossing into a real economy. “Right now, the Afghani currency has an unnatural price against U.S. dollar.”
Taking in mind the lack of political stability and lack of a powerful economy, both political and apolitical incident can affect the increase and decrease of the Afghani price.
According to him, the Doha peace talks between the US and the Taliban could help the Afghani price go higher, but this impact is temporary and if the government wants to keep the price of Afghani stable, it should focus on main economic factors, such as increase in domestic products, a balance in export and imports and investment on the product of the strategic goods inside the country.
“If peace restored in the country, definitely the price of dollar would drop more than its current scale,” said Haidari adding for keeping the price of Afghani stable, there is a need for considering its domestic indexes in order the price was not affected by any political disabilities.
A money exchanger, Haji Hashim Rauzayee suggested two reasons behind falling the price of dollar against Afghani; the ongoing peace process and prevention of Pakistani rupees use in some 13 cities of the country. He hoped peace restore in the country to have the prices and the country prosperous and the people live peacefully.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.