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Afghan youth problems need to be addressed

afghanistan youth unemployment

Amid increasing unemployment, poverty and economic problems facing Afghan youth, Afghanistan marked the ‘International Youth Day.
According to Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled, currently two million people are unemployed in the country. In the meantime, a considerable number of people in particular youth have no permanent employment in Afghanistan where 54 percent of the people are living in poverty and cannot maintain their life expenses.
Employment opportunities are limited enough as the government considered as one of the biggest and most significant institution for appointment of the people in the country has its own problems and limitations.
Private sector which is also facing with problems in the country has not been able to provide work opportunities for the people in particular youth in the country. After withdrawal of a large number of coalition troops and foreign organizations from Afghanistan in 2014, employment opportunities were gradually going down and getting limited. This resulted that a large number of Afghans particularly youth lose their employment.
Currently, Afghan youth are facing challenges and problems in terms of increasing insecurities, unemployment and poverty. A large number of youth have left the country for European and western countries to make a living and those who are still unemployed inside the country should take advantage of whatever opportunity they have as fleeing the country or joining militant groups is not the solution. Th
ey should face the challenges by accepting the reality on the ground and work towards the development of their country.
The government of Afghanistan should also take necessary steps and work on a mechanism to address problems and challenges facing Afghan youth in the country.
Furthermore, the government, with the help of private sector and international organizations working for the betterment of the country, should come up with a strategy that could address all main challenges of youth in the country.
Also, by absorbing investment from foreign countries and private sector in mining, energy, textile and agriculture sector, the government can facilitate further employment opportunities for Afghan youth. Moreover, the government of Afghanistan can also implement employment schemes like providing loans for establishing small businesses to help youth open businesses and cut down unemployment rate in the country.
Noor Ahmad Saleem

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