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Afghan youth and High Council of National Reconciliation

By: Milad Hamdard

It is not overstating the matter to unequivocally state that, without significant, coordinated and urgent action by the government in partnership with the youth sector, the impact of this crisis will lead to an intolerable stress on young that will last for years to come.

We must boldly address the reality of what happens when young people have nowhere to go, very little or nothing to do, and despite working day and night for the betterment of this nation achieve nothing at the end. For many young people, the youth organizations such as Voice of the people of Afghanistan are the only place where they think they could find a trusted adults to support them in their career.

Youth organizations in Afghanistan are working to redeploy their resources in order to continue supporting as many young people as possible, prioritizing the most vulnerable because young Afghans are the most educated, connected and diverse generation this country has ever seen. They are changing our communities, challenging the status quo, and taking the lead on building a better, fairer, peaceful and more sustainable future for the Afghan communities.

We are really concern about the Afghan government decision to not include any youth member in the High Council of National Reconciliation. If youth is not given a chance to make a change in Afghanistan now, then the political stability is uncertain in the future as well because this youth will have to drive a country towards prosperity in the near future.

We, the enthusiastic youth of Afghanistan, demand the international organizations to look into this matter and to talk to the Afghan government of giving a chance to the youth in the Supreme council of National Reconciliation and in all the government sector where youth can play their crucial part.

I strongly believe that the International organizations will help the youth of Afghanistan to reach their voices to the government officials and would help us to continue our efforts to lead Afghanistan towards prosperity.”


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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.